Christmas Bird Count Week on December, 2024: Olympics: Is it just me or is the Olympics getting monotonous now like Christmas?

Christmas Bird Count Week 2024. Christmas Bird Count Christmas Bird Count.

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Olympics: Is it just me or is the Olympics getting monotonous now like Christmas?

I am practicing for the Los Angeles inner city Pentathlone. The weed bag toss, 100 yard dash from the police, fence hurdles and the 25 meter drainage pipe crawl I am OK with, but the 30 second handcuff escape still needs work.

What Christmas presents did you receive that you would want to regift to your favorite characters

What Christmas presents did you receive that you would want to regift to your favorite characters or contacts?

Ah, I lost my ENTIRE. ANSWER. by accidently hitting the back button :'( Ah, the same thing happened to Eva. Poor thing! Yahoo has cursed us all. That other answer took me forever as well. I might be a silly goose. I've kind of edited this now so about half of it makes sense and I did put those links in that were promised.

Awesome!! Alright, so one of my biggest gifts that I got this year (Or wait, do I have to say last year? That's confusing) was a Nintendo Wii which I am so addicted to right now. I know that Livvy already has one but last night when we were talking, we were comparing scores with each other. Of course, playing against each other on a Wii from Canada to Australia isn't always the easiest thing to do but we managed. Instead of giving her the Wii, I would fly her over on a magic carpet and play for hours because I believe she is a big ball of energy. She's absoloutely fantastic at the hula hoop mini-game and beat me by like 200 spins so I felt pathetic but the machine did tell me I was a 'roaring fire' to which I replied 'You know it!' *slides on dark sunglasses*

My Nana loves butterflies and as I briefly look around my room now, I can count at leastfive butterfly gifts that she has given me over the past two years. One of them is a beautiful mirror with a huge purple butterfly in the centre and small, lavender flowers coming off to the sides. I'll take a picture of it later and post the link here! I would give this beautiful mirror to lovely Francesca because her avatar is of a butterfly and I think she would adore it. ( It looks better in person. I don't know what's wrong with my camera *frowns*) Oh, another present for Francesca, a butterfly windcharm: When the sun hits this it is absoloutely gorgeous but the noise deafens me so I hang it off a spiral on my bed frame.

I'm wearing this lovely purple ring and bracelet that I would gladly regift to Eva. Such a brilliant girl deserves to shine and I think she would look gorgeous with them. They also came in these really shiny, elegant boxes. To be completely honest, I would've just been happy with the boxes. Hah! (Once again, shocking quality )

For Maddie, I would give her the yoga DVD that I recieved so she wouldn't have to put up with Wolfman's hairy arms and legs that creep us out. (We both are subscribed to an iTunes podcast, yogamazing, and the host has incredibly hairy arms and pants that get tighter every week!) And remember Maddie, to leave your ego out the door. (His catchphrases crack me up. One day I'm going to invest some money and design a doll that looks just like Wolfman and has a little string in his back so we can be entertained by his repetitive sayings all. day. long. ... Hah, I can just see Maddie right now going "NOOOO!!!") *sorry for rambling*

Hm.. I don't know what to give to Murray. Perhaps he would like these pyjama pants: Haha, I'm just kidding. He can have *all* of my giftcards and buy whatever his heart desires :)

It's been a family joke for a while now that I've always wanted a tambourine and never got one. This year my dream came true (hah) when I unwrapped a children's tambourine with some really funky bird on it. It cracks me up just looking at it. This gift is for you! I'm going to fly over there (On my magic carpet), pick up my birthday figurines, bond over stalking Jason Mraz and then we shall write a song together. I'll be the insane, crazy girl playing the tambourine and ruining the beautiful music. I also got these lovely handmade book marks (I shall take a photo!) that I would also give to you because the first thing was more like a curse than a gift.

Tambourine: Look at that funky bird! It says 'Party Band'

Bookmark: If you look really closely, it's a small bead with a tiny flower painting on it which is beautiful if my camera were to actually focus! RAWR! I was so tempted to buy that shirt and immediately thought of you =)Hah, I thank my lovely friend who pretended she was seeking advice on the shirt so I wouldn't be punished for having a camera in the store. It's just something I was paranoid about and she is a fantastic actress :)

Wow, I don't think anyone could replace Santa but the first person that comes to mind is Dumbledore. I'm serious, gain a bit of weight, stick on that red suit and he's identical. Of course, this may be impossible as, a) he is a fictional character and b) he died in the book, but you know - poetic liscence, right? The first song that came to mind is: /watch?v=3A19q7rysLs (take the space out between the com and the / ... It won't let me post links...) and I have absoloutely no freaking clue why since Dumbledore is not a pirate, as far as I know and it is not related to Christmas in any way. Oh, how my mind is twisted. :-D (Listen to it like 3 times and you start singing it unconciously)

Bonus Questions:

1. Do you believe in the adage "better late than never," such as asking a question about Christmas more than a week later?

~ Of course I do! You're not that late! I would think if you were to ask a Christmas question in August it would be a bit... odd but also well appreciated. :-D There's an old saying... that I can't remember right now..Damn it.

2. Did you have a happy holiday season?

~ I had an alrightish holiday season. It wasn't horrible but I didn't really get into the festive mood.

3. Where did you spend the holidays?

~ I went to my Nana's house on Christmas day and we had an excellent lunch that everyone enjoyed.

4. Where do you think your favorite characters would be on Christmas Day? (or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, fill in the blank holiday of choice?)

~ Winnie the Pooh would obviously be going to collect more honey. Eeyore would be behind him but sadly with a big thundercloud overhead. :-( (By the way, does anyone who used to watch that show feel incredibly bad for Eeyore? I always felt so guilty watching the show when I was younger because I wanted him to be happy!!)

5. Would they have been on the naughty or nice list?

~ Winnie the Pooh, the lovely thing would have most definately been on the nice list. He wouldn't hurt a fly! Or a donkey for that matter!

6. How has 2010 treated you thus far?

~ Eh.. As soon as I think it's a fresh start I seem to get thrown around a bit. Fighting with family members isn't exactly a great way to start of the year. And if the first few days of the year are any indication as to how the rest of the year will plan out, I can say with confidence that I'm going to be miserable. :

You will like this survey! Do you know the smell of .....?

You will like this survey! Do you know the smell of .....?

Christmas trees.. we have a fake one this year. I miss the smell soo much, makes the house really smell and feel like christmas

WD40 - Reminds me of my brother in my dad's body shop for some reason??

Cigar smoke - Makes me think of my friend's cigar shop - Stogies, Downtown St Augustine in the City Gate Plaza! Say Hi to Barbie for me! (Shameless plug, but you'd love the store ;) Also, other things rolled with cigars..

Best of all, it brings to mind pipe smoke, so sweet and wonderful and magical somehow, My great granpa smoked a pipe.

Freshly mowed grass - summertime here in Florida, seemingly endless childhood summers by the beach

A diesel engine on a fishing/dive boat - Diving in the keys every summer and November or, probably more closely, the diesel engine on my uncle's shrimp boat. Love shrimp! HATED the smell when I was little and used to get seasick, but I haven't been out in a while, just thinking about the smell makes me miss it heheh :(

Night Jasmine during summer - Long evenings spent talking and playing music and singing on my dad's friend's or my paternal grandparents porch out in the country in a little town where my dad grew up.

The Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disney - Would you believe I've been to Disney World more times than I can count and have NEVER ridden it :( No one ever seems to want to go, they always talk me out of it. (Why is that??) Next time, I RIDE ALONE!!! :)

Chocolate chip cookies? Freshly baked?? Yes, Please!

An 8 week old puppy - Marlo, my golden, he'd be 30 this year :(

A coffee house - Mmmm coffee, warmth, friends to chat with, a really good book, Gainesville, Florida - college town Go GATORS!!!!

An amazon parrot - I have an uncle and aunt who raised/bred birds, I know the smell so well, I miss my bird, Sydney, he did the Gator charge! I had a great aunt who loved birds, she loved him so much, when she went blind I gave him to her...

BTW My cousin's african grey is missing, to those in the Saint Augustine area, he flew away, (his wings aren't clipped) He flew away when a neighbor spooked him. He answers to Paco. We've had only one sighting, but they didn't see our flyers till much later - he was near the beach, my cousin lives near Mickler's crossing, at historic Butler/Crescent beach

White Shoulders Perfume - One of the best scents in the world to me, my grandmother wore it, she died last year. I have a scarf which belonged to her, it still smells of her perfume.

"She was a lady, and a lady always knows when to leave." - Sipsy - Fried Green Tomatoes

Buttered popcorn - wanna sneak into a movie with me??

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