Posadas Days on December, 2023: what is posada?

Posadas Days 2023. Las Posadas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Las Posadas

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what is posada?

Las Posadas (Spanish for "The Inns") is a nine-day celebration beginning December 16 and ending December 24, which is called Noche Buena ("Holy Night"). It is a yearly tradition for many Christian Latin Americans and symbolizes the trials which they believe Mary and Joseph endured before finding a place to stay and where Jesus could be born.

Should I drop Yadier Molina for Posada?

Should I drop Yadier Molina for Posada?

i own posada in a few leagues...ur right, quite a few days off....but i'd grab posada.

molina is a defensive catcher, and that's not relevant to fantasy baseball.

posada is the opposite....he's an offensive catcher, and in the yankee lineup...he has a chance of getting you a ton of rbi's...more rbi's, runs, homers, and decent average.

even though he doesn't play everyday, i bet at week's end, he does more than molina does in a full week of playing time.

lost out on arencibia....what about ruiz?...he's been on fire.

Why doesn’t Jorge Posada start every day?

Why doesn't Jorge Posada start every day?

catchers need a lot of rest. the foul tips and other parts of catching make them wear down

140 - 150 games is a lot for a catcher in a season

Joe Torre started Jorge at 1b last night and that may happen more as the season goes on or he may even get some starts at DH to keep his bat in the lineup

Also on this date Friday, December 1, 2023...
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