Older Driver Safety Awareness Week on December, 2024: when are they planning to change the practical driving test in the uk?

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week 2024. AOTA's Older Driver Safety Awareness Week: For Seniors Seeking ... AOTA Older Driver Safety

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when are they planning to change the practical driving test in the uk?

Errrr all the time????!!!

In the vain attempt to make young drivers safer on the roads! How can we stop 17-21 year old lads getting in a car and killing themselves, their mates, and other innocent road users???

Make the test harder!

Yeah that'll work, cos guess what they'll do once they've passed the test? You guessed it, they'll get in a car and kill themselves, their mates, and other innocent road users!

So what does making the test harder do other than penalise every learner driver, making them spend more money on what is already disgustingly expensive - the test is currently £56.50 - for about 45-50 minutes!!

Why doesn't making the test harder solve the problem? Or possible maybe are the government barking up the wrong tree? Perhaps?! Surely not?!

Maybe, just maybe, those 3 or 4 months that the 17 year old spends being educated in safe driving, isn't quite enough to get rid of the 17 years he/she has been a passenger in their parents' cars, watching and learning from their MAIN role model, how to swear, curse, drive too close, speed and just generally become obnoxious and aggressive behind the wheel?! Doesn't help when these parents get a lift with their newly qualified son/daughter and moan at them for driving so slow!! (this happened to my partner when she passed - it's no wonder her brother went and trashed his car drink driving after only passing 6 weeks before - who are his influences?!!)

Instead of victimising and penalising the stereotypical 17 year old driver, perhaps more effort should be focused towards education of parents, uncles, aunts, older siblings - retesting of drivers, or even just assessments or regular safety awareness training for all drivers?

If it was compulsary for all drivers just to go on a powerful, hard hitting one day course every 5 or 10 years, maybe just maybe, a few of these people who learned to drive 20 years ago, might see a different side to how their aggressive, reactive dangerous driving could affect not just their lives, but everyone elses, and encourage their OWN offspring to take their time and stay safe - after all, who on EARTH would want to wake up in hospital after a crash, and then find out that their son/daughter who was driving had died - especially, if THEY were the one telling them not to drive so slowly!

Just a thought :)

Also on this date Sunday, December 1, 2024...