Human Rights Week on December, 2024: Recommendation for Human Rights Violation research paper?

Human Rights Week 2024. Human Rights Education‎ You help Media Impact change lives. 1B Individuals & their Human Rights

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Recommendation for Human Rights Violation research paper?

hey there are human rights violation all over the world.. you can write about war and refugees human rights collecting data from UN websites and comparing it with the violations in ongoing or recent wars all over the world with photo proofs from reliable news agency...

the above can be done sitting in home...

but if you want to put more efforts then just collect details of human rights in jails for different categories of prisoners. And get permission from jail authorities to meet prisoners and ask questions about their awareness of rights and their experience.. definitely you will get more than 100 page information of violation.

see shawshank redemption movie for inspiration on jails violation....

i prefer you go for first idea that is more suitable for you..

second one may not be that practical...

best of luck

What are all the human rights?

What are all the human rights?

That depends, the Taliban would say they gave human rights back to the Afghanistan.

It depends on what you mean by human rights and how you then go about defining them. Muslims have different sets of human rights, and whats more different Muslims interpret them differently. Just like the west.


Is it the right of a women to do what she wills with her body? The Right to self determination. But what happens when she chooses to become a prostitute is that her fulfilling a human right of hers, or is it more of a case of society exploiting her human right to dignity, by taking advantage of her poor situation.

What about when she has a baby in her stomach, can she get an abortion pro-life or pro-choice? if pro-choice, what difference is there between a women getting an abortion in the first 3 months, at 6 months, at 8months and 3 weeks before birth, and an hour after birth. Where does she end and the right of the child begin?

What determines her right to do with her body as she pleases and how far does it extend over the child's rights. Similarly you will have human rights that overlap on other humans own rights. Its more of a case of how you define the rights and where you draw the line that matter, as most human societies have the same universal rights, just interpret them radically differently.

P.S. human rights where a religious idea, that secularists took on board in the 20th century. Just so you know next time atheists say religion has never done anything good.

Is it an infringement of human rights...?

Is it an infringement of human rights...?

No infringement on human rights..if he doesnt want to work there,...then leave

Also on this date Sunday, December 1, 2024...