Tolerance Week on December, 2023: can alcohol tolerance grow from one week to the next ? help?

Tolerance Week 2023. Keeping it Simple (KISBYTO): Tolerance Week 2012 Tolerance Week 2012

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can alcohol tolerance grow from one week to the next ? help?

Alcohol tolerance is not a myth, but it is something of a misnomer. Drinkers learn to control their behavior better as they gain experience. There is also the effect of environment. There are times when were are 'in the mood' to get drunk and need very little alcohol to do it. Other times we think we are sober when we are not. That's the most common case. You were undoubtedly very drunk, you just didn't think so. You certainly would have failed the test though.

Will they do a glucose tolerance test this week?

Will they do a glucose tolerance test this week?

Hmm, from memory I did mine between my 22 and 26 week appointments (can't remember exactly which week - baby brain!!). I liked the drink but then I have a sweet tooth :D

I reckon you'll get your referral form at your next appointment (if that's how they do it in your country). We get a form from our Doctor/midwife and go do the test at the lab.

Marijuana Tolerance poll?

Marijuana Tolerance poll?

tolerance is an effect of any chemical. You reduce tolerance by an amount of time spent without using it. But there is a secondary, non-chemical tolerance; you will rapidly remember the mental effects, and this will lessen them.

I used to smoke a whole lot. I no longer do (Unrelated medical reasons make it not a good idea for me personally.) but in general, waiting a week would return me far enough from the last usage to at least have a couple fun days.

Also on this date Friday, December 1, 2023...
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