Saturnalia Days on December, 2024: Thor's Day - Pagans and Heathens?

Saturnalia Days 2024. SPQR Blues Chapter IV: Last Days - Io, Saturnalia! Io, Saturnalia!

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Thor’s Day - Pagans and Heathens?


(November 11 or theres-about)

Here we honor those chosen heroes who sit in Valhalla, and those of our families.

This day celebrates the fallen heroes of your folk in particular and all fallen heroes in general. Photos or genealogies of the heroes might decorate the ritual area. By "Hero" I don't necessarily mean medal winners. They could simply be average soldiers who should be held in regard as heroes simply for their intent so long as it was genuine. Remember that their influence is still with us (or will be shortly) and they are part of us. Visit their graves if possible, and if not, just toast their memories.

The special Deities of this Ritual are ODIN, TYR and FREYA.

did Christmas realy come from saturnalia?

did Christmas realy come from saturnalia?

No it did not. Saturnalia was a harvest festival on December 17th with carried on for at most 6 days (up to the 23rd). For about 200 years, pagans continued celebrating Saturnalia and Christians separately celebrated Christmas until paganism started to die out.

There is no evidence, in the early days, of Christmas being anything other than a religious festival based on church services.

What is the best way to celebrate Saturnalia?

What is the best way to celebrate Saturnalia?


The ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia began on December 17th and lasted for seven days in honor to the god of seed-sowing and wine, Saturn. The Roman philosopher Seneca once observed that all of Rome "went mad" during this festival. Eventually, Saturnalia celebrations stopped and it was replaced by the Christian festival of Christmas.

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