International Flirting Week on February, 2025: Give me new things!!!!!!!!!!?

International Flirting Week 2025. International Flirting Week is Here….Avoid Flirting Faux Pas International Flirting Week is

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Give me new things!!!!!!!!!!?

Consider the challenge taken up!

ok - here goes...

1, 2 and 3.) what you said. [haha I can use yours]

4.) if you wear skirts, wear trousers. if you wear trousers, wear skirts.

5.) Eat your pudding first, then your dinner last. [in my house that's known as backwards-tea. yay]

6.) Sleep through the day, stay up all night. [might not work if you have a job or go to school.]

7.) give random compliments to people for a week solid.

8.) use a non-perminent dye and have purple or red or blue hair for a week

9.) say no when you mean yes and yes when you mean no. if someone calls you on it and questions you just say 'maybe'. [be prepared for mayhem]

10.) eat one particular type of food like pizza or bacon or chocolate for a week, with nothing else.

11.) Don't eat a specific food for a week. [as above]

12.) tell 10 jokes a day to anyone who will listen for a week

13.) go to the arts and craft store and buy lots of things and take a week to make yourself a masterpiece. maybe something to commemorate your new-found trying new things newness.

14.) [yes I am still going...] Have horse riding lessons for a week.

15.) snow boarding lessons, dance lessons and so on.

16.) puppysit, catsit for someone for a week.

17.) have 'international food week' and try something new you've never had before from 7 different nations for each day of the week. Like a new curry, a new chow mein or a new meat.

18.) stop drinking for a whole week, or drink solidly for a week. [in healthy doses. if you're old enough. lol]

19.) change your name for a week, or call everyone by the wrong name for a week

20.) book at least a week's holiday in a place you have never been and experience a new land.

21.) if you are not religious, try one for a week. Go to church everyday or cast a spell everyday [as long as it's a nice one and you have advice on it!]

22.) cycle/run/walk to places you normally drive. or vice versa

23.) volunteer for a week at a charity. Either a shop, or a dog's home or something similar.

24.) [I'm getting there...] bake something different for each day of one week. i.e 1.) bread 2.) scones 3.) cupcakes 4.) victoria sponge 5.) croissants etc.

25.) have a movie marathon for a week and refuse to leave the house. It might be better to get sponsored to do this. I watch all of the Lord of the Rings films, and Harry Potter back to back and raised over £450 for I got to watch movies a LOT which is never a bad thing.

26.) stop swearing for a week and use stupid words instead like : I am so kittening angry with you... you never know - people may laugh at your oddness and stop fighting with you. bonus.

27.) place £5 a day on horses or dogs or in a casino [only for a week]

28.) move your furniature around. do a new room a day, and you might like the results

29.) learn some card tricks. Will take more than a week and will make your friends love you. ^_^

30.) Force yourself to be honest for a week, even if it creates difficult situations or makes people uncomfortable. you may learn about yourself

31.) Learn 70 useful words of another language [maybe where you will go on your holiday to a new land.] it sounds a lot but it's only ten words a day.

32.) Swim. If you swim a lot... swim more. If you don't like it, go running or play sports instead.

33.) go to the cinema by yourself. can't really do it for a week, but if you haven't, you should try it.

34.) Spend a week finding/designing the perfect tattoo and GET IT. [or design one for a friend and MAKE THEM GET IT

35.) Stay inside for a week. shop online, chat online, flirt online, play online. just pray your real mate still talk to you.

36.) wear your favourite colour every day

37.) buy your mum/boyfriend/girlfriend/dad/best friend a small, cheap but nice present for everyday of a week - or make one, or give one to one person per day

38.) learn a new dance move everyday. On the last day go out clubbing, use the moves and STAY OUT ALL NIGHT at the end

39.) read a book you have always though of as too hard, or too intellectual

40.) [nearly there..] Clean all your jewellery, or do all your filing or something that you always put off

41.) have a driving lesson, or study for your theory test for a week. if you already drive, then re-spray your bike.

42.) offer to help someone move/pack/box up/post/sort out their stuff... or do that yourself.

43.) spend a week seriously trying to break a world record. [can be something easy like most T-shirts ever put on in a minute.]

44.) be nice to your sibling. If you dont have one be nice to your parents or children

45.) organise a surprise party for someone. [don't even need an occasion.. they will love it.]

46.) For everyday of the week, learn something about each of the seven wonders of the world, or plan trips there, or learn something about them, decide on one you're interested in and work out how to save up to go there.

47.) learn a new skill like poi, tae bo, boxing, yoga, pilates, wood work. give it a go for a week, setting yourself a goal- like build some shelves or learn a poi routine and then if you enjoy it stick to it.

48.) Ask someone out on a date who you like, but have not dared ask. Or ask someone you're not sure you like that much, and you may learn they are different to what you think and then you'll like them. Or if you're not single then tell your partner you like something about them that you have never mentioned before.

49.) Learn a new song, or the music to a new song, and sing it at kareoke

50.) listen to a piece of classical music or an opera from beginning to end [pick a short opera they can take days]. Do not judge it til it's done.

51.) be extra nice to people who serve you in shops or wait on you in retaurants. [or be more rude if you really feel like you must.. i reccommend the first one or they will spit in your soup and don't deserve crap all day.]

aaaaaaand finally......

52.) sit down and go OMG and have a cup of tea.

[or autition for a play or reality TV show or game show if you want an actual suggestion.

THERE. I accepted your challenge.

I have established I have no life though. Lol. Took me well over an hour to think of that. Oh dear. Anyway - I know some of these suggestions are stupid and silly and you probably can't do all of them. [and some of them you probably shouldn't] but there are a fair few here which are good and you can just use the list to inspire you for other ideas and you can tailor it to suit your lifestyle. I wish you all the success in the world and you can buy me a drink some time for thinking of things for you for so long. hehe. [or not]

Anyway - Enjoy, my friend and I hope you emerge a newer, braver, happier individual. ^_^ I hope I helped. XxX

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