Sisterhood Week on February, 2025: sisterhood of the traveling pants series?

Sisterhood Week 2025. Sisterhood Week – Fraternity and Sorority Life - Missouri State ... Sisterhood Week

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sisterhood of the traveling pants series?

I loved them soooo much! I must have read all 3 books in less than 2 weeks. My favorite characters were Bee and Carmen, although I couldn't pick a favorite. Bee was my favorite throughout the whole series, but the events in the 3rd book with Carmen and her mother showed so much of her selfless side that she shot right up to tie with Bee. I almost don't want the 4th book out too soon because that's supposed to be the last one!!!!!

(she said she may do a reunion one in the future.......)

What do you do during Rush week?

What do you do during Rush week?

The other two answers were pretty thorough, but I figured a third opinion/response couldn't hurt :)

I have been through rush week as a sister and as a PNM hoping to become a sister! If it helps at all to know, being a sister during rush week is just as nerve-racking because we're meeting all of these new girls and potential sisters and have no idea what they are comfortable talking about! As for the days, convocation is pretty straightforward. Basically, all of the PNMs come together in one room and the council members in charge of rush week explain how the week is going to work, exactly what will be happening, and what to wear on certain days. They're also pretty good about answering any questions you may have.

Sisterhood day is my favorite day as a sister! When I rushed, the sororities all had pictures up from things they've done together or vacations they've taken with each other and they spent most of the allotted time talking about what they love about their sisters. It sounds kind of cheesy, but it truly helped me to decide which sisters I fit the best with. Philanthropy day is when you hear what each sorority's volunteer work benefits, which is good because if there is a certain cause you support, you may lean towards that sorority. A party is just a gathering, not an actual "party". House rounds were my favorite part because I really got a feel for the sisters in each house and what they lived like. Pref night is all about thinking over which house you would pick if you could pick any of them. It's about determining which group of girls you feel most comfortable with and mesh with the best. Pref night can be a little nerve-racking, but other than that, it's an exciting decision. Bid night is the most exciting night! I don't know how it is at your university, but at mine, the sisters from each house go to the dorms to get the girls and present them with their bid by knocking on their doors and singing. It is the best feeling in the world!

I was also super nervous about rush because I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone more, but it was worth the extra push! It's not for everyone, but if you decide to join, you won't regret it!!! Being in a sorority has made my grades, my self-esteem, and my social life all improve. My family says I'm happier than ever and I feel surrounded by a support system that serves as a home-away-from-home. You shouldn't be interviewed really, but it depends on the house you're rushing. Just try to be friendly when meeting sisters - we're nervous, too! Good questions to ask are: "what made you decide to go Greek", "what do you and the sisters do for fun", "how much of a time commitment is it to join" - things that show that you're interested in the whole feeling of a sorority, not just joining to meet boys or know where the parties are. Good luck! You'll love it!!

sisterhood of the traveling pants?

sisterhood of the traveling pants?

Well, I've only read the first two books and am going to read the 3rd this week. I saw the movie before I read the book and enjoyed it much. The 2nd movie looks good but I think their combining a few things from each year of the sisterhood so that might get complicated. Though, when I read the books I find that although I like the ideas and outline I don't think their written strongly. I don't know, but other books I read I feel so much emotion for the character as if i am the character but in this book it's only to where i can relate. So i would have to choose the movies.

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