Risk Awareness Week on February, 2025: Chance of me getting pregnant a week before my period?

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Chance of me getting pregnant a week before my period?

Lower risk of pregnancy - your ovulate two weeks before your period and the egg will only live up to 24 hours, so by the time it's a week before your period that egg is long dead. However remember that cycles change, unless you use a birth control method such as Fertility Awareness Method there is no way to accurately determine when in your cycle you would be fertile or not.

Obviously you should always use condoms, which are a highly effective form of birth control to protect against unwanted pregnancy - as long as you use birth control correctly the risks are minimal.

Maybe you should put-off sex until you understand your body better!

Question about the Fertility Awareness Method?

Question about the Fertility Awareness Method?

Fertility awareness is a a behavioral method of birth control. Regardless of what method you fallow it is still subject to a high degree of error. It is really hard to predict when you are going to ovulate. Seeing as how even the most advanced science can only detect ovulation after it has happened (and after it is already too late), these methods are unreliable. In addition this is self control, you will have to be abstaining or remember to use another form of birth control before, during and after ovulation. You will be most likely to want to jump in bed during the "unsafe time." It would be very easy to forget to use one a back up method in the heat of the moment. Moreover keep in mind sperm can live inside of you for a week before ovulation, so you'll have to factor that in too.

People say FAM works well; however the largest demographic of users are catholic with a billion kids each. According to the Mayo Clinic, Planned Parenthood and the World Health Organization nearly 25% of users will become pregnant with typical use of behavioral methods. Also pre-ejaculation fluid may contain sperm, so just pulling out wouldn't be the safest idea either.

I know how tedious condoms can be, but there are a bunch of great methods out there. The copper IUD, for example, is non-hormonal birth control that would not subjected you to the side effects of hormones. Also a low dose option could also work very well for you. Please sit down with a medical provider and talk about your options.

Before starting any behavioral method of birth control, track your body for at least 3 weeks. Consult with a teacher or clinician before and during those 3 weeks. And make sure you and your partner are committed to this method, because there is no wiggle room (unless you want kids in 9 months).

I hope this helps.

What are the risks of drinking alcohol at the young age of 14?

What are the risks of drinking alcohol at the young age of 14?

Hi Katie,

I have to be honest, the first time I got 'wasted' I was 14yrs old. Problem was I really liked it, so a few buddies & I would slowly sneak booze from our folks during the week & use it on the weekend. I'll ask this of you: do you drink at age 14? Are you curious about it?

Anyway, alcohol is a CNS (central nervous system) depressant. It slows your motor skills, will begin to affect things like balance & speech, & also affect your decision making by lowering your inhibitions. It also kills bumerous brain cells. As it continues to increase in your system your liver can no longer 'filter' it as fast as you're taking it in. When you reach 'toxic' levels (alcohol poisoning) it will cause you to vomit - your body is trying to get the 'poison' out of your system. So when you see someone throw-up from drinking, that's the first stages of alcohol poisoning. In the later stages you 'pass out' as your nervous system is basically shutting down & could eventually cause your respiration to stop - death.

If a 14 year old continues to drink regularly they will cause irreparable brain damage, as well as serious and pre-mature damage to their liver, heart, kidneys, & central nervous system. If you study the statistics you'll also see the increased potential for behavioral problems that lead to legal problems. There's also a significant increase in pregnancy among teenagers that drink, dropping out of school, and sadly, rape. Statistics also reveal that a MAJORITY that continue to drink will use narcotics (illegal drugs). Approximately 10% of the population has the pre-disposition for addiction. Notice that's not '10% of drinkers' ...that percentage is higher because many people abstain from drinking.

I'm not 'bashing' on you. In fact, I APPLAUD you for asking. I use to teach 'alcohol awareness courses' to young people coming in the military. It's a huge temptation & can honestly say there is a direct parallel between young people that drank with disciplinary problems, marital problems, spousal & child abuse, & yes, death (usually driving under the influence).

A note from 'me': I understand the curiosity and the temptation to 'party' as a social outlet. My only question to a young person is 'are you aware of the consequences of each decision' because it will take a lot of maturity to not allow yourself to cross over some dangerous lines when alcohol begins to affect one's thinking.

You're very wise & courageous to ask the question ...it means you want TRUTH, not emotionally loaded opinion. I hope my 10 year old daughter is just as wise to ask when she gets curious.

Good Luck!


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