Texas Cowboy Poetry Week on February, 2025: Can you write an amusing story using as many of these old movie titles as possible?

Texas Cowboy Poetry Week 2025.

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Can you write an amusing story using as many of these old movie titles as possible?

Mary Lou Maynard, the farmers daughter, had decided to break free from her father's tyranny and get a job away from home! She felt her current existence was between two lost worlds and had dreams of Islands in the sky!

At 19 years old all she had ever done was work on her dad's farm and in the past year go on a few "supervised" dates with Big Jim McClain, the strapping cowboy from the neighboring Mclain Farm. She wanted more!

Although she enjoyed Big Jim's attentions, she hankered to see what the world outside had to offer!

As luck would have it the new Iron Man Bar and Grill had advertised for a bartender and Mary Lou had applied for and gotten the job!

When the Macahans brothers, who owned the bar, had seen her walking in they had nearly dropped dead at their good fortune!!

Mary Lou was GORGEOUS!!!

Counting their blessings they hired her on the spot!

As they expected Mary Lou was a BIG draw!

Within a week business had tripled and the bar was filled with cowboys vying for the attentions of the heart-breakingly beautiful Mary Lou.

One man in particular, a man from Texas, named Hondo Honcho was truly smitten!

Night after night he sat at the bar in his big white cowboy hat mooning over the lovely lass.

This did NOT sit well with Big Jim McLain, who had also been spending every night at the bar watching the fools drool over HIS gal!!

One night things came to a head.

Hondo was semi-smashed and had written a poem for Mary Lou, which he recited at the bar:

"Roses are red, violets are blue

Can you give me a kiss

When your shift is through?"

Big Jim had heard it and not liked it a bit!!

"Well, well well...So the Lone Ranger is also a poet....sounds like you need to try out that sorry ass poetry on your horse"

Hondo was non-plussed by the barb and was in fact feeling very philosophical and non confrontational!

"I see you have many rivers to cross my friend before you can understand my gifts"

McLain was NOT amused!

"I'll cross your river RIGHT now!!"

He lunged for Hondo who deftly sidestepped him.

Big Jim wound up on the floor and Mary Lou was immediately at his side!

"I see stars in my crown" was all Big Jim could say!

Mary Lou scowled at Hondo.

"You're cut off!!"

She motioned to the bouncers who quickly removed Hondo.

As she ministered to Big Jim he laughed to himself thinking,

"One up for me, one down for the Lone Ranger!!!"

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