Build A Better Trade Show Image Week on February, 2025: need some opinions and help on my essay?

Build A Better Trade Show Image Week 2025.

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need some opinions and help on my essay?

I'll contribute proofreading! :) Hope this helps.

Overall, good content and organization. Work on your run on sentences and punctuation.

Saddam Hussein, in his early ages, never saw his biological father. His father actually died around his birth and his mother remarried. The man who his mother was remarried to beat the young Hussein. This is one reason why it is believed that Hussein acted the way that he did. Hussein’s most obvious and well known feature was his vanity. He spent over 20 years carving up a personality and image for himself ()...(What is this act??...the building of an image? or something else? Please specify for clarity....) an act of power thirst Hussein participated in a rebellion that would overthrow the monarchy of Iraq and make Abdul Karim Qasim Prime Minister. After all of the effort to make Qasim the Prime Minister, he then unsuccessfully attempts to kill Qasim and flees the country for many years. Later, in 1979, Hussein became president. In his time of regime he became known as the Baghdad Butcher due to his willingness to kill and torture children, women, men or basically anyone that he would consider a threat or nuisance. Hussein’s constant hunger for blood and power led him to a war with Iran ending in a stalemate and putting the country in a 75 million dollar debt.

Hussein, in search of money, tried to invade Kuwait in a attempt to gain control of Kuwait’s oil revenues. The invasion triggered an international trade embargo and Iraq was forced out of Kuwait by the United Nations Coalition forced in the six week long Gulf war. (Please clarify/break up previous sentence. Unclear.) Hussein was also known for making chemical weapons of destruction. In 1987 he used them against the Kurds in northern Iraq.

Overall, Hussein’s craving for land, power and wealth lead him to his demise just as any super villain. His constant thirst for complete control brought about the good in other leaders aiming to dismantle him of his evil throne. This awakening of the leaders brought Hussein back down to earth. Hussein was captured December 14, 2003.(wikipedia page on ...) He was eventually tried for his crimes. On November 5, 2006, Hussein was found guilty (of what???), given the death penalty, and was later hung to death for his crimes.

What do we think of this quote?

What do we think of this quote?

wrong! the queen is an all powerful tyrant.

look at all the troops parading!

what does it cost our troops in man hours with all this BS.

making prince william a knight of the garter in scotland to show who is in power!

look at ponce andrew's blatant corruption, RAF jet flights, £82,000 golf trips. above the law!? taking the piss out of all of us.

so why does her prime minister report to her every week?

believe me she is a hands on the reins tyrant.

or she would release the stolen land for us to build homes.

she constantly preaches crucifixion crap and MUST know putting an image of a man nailed to a cross into children's minds is CHILD ABUSE.

constitutional monarchy means that CONSTITUTIONALLY WE ARE A MONARCHY!

Was 9/11 an "inside job" or crucial evidence covered up?

Was 9/11 an "inside job" or crucial evidence covered up?

What Zeitgeist shows is heavily edited interviews with rescue workers and others, cherry-picked and then taken out of context in order to push the producers aggenda. If you find the original, unedited video clips of those same interviews you get a completely different idea of what was really going on.

The alleged "molten pools of iron" are a myth and I believe it was this film that started that myth. The physical evidence for it is non-existent.

The main support columns cut at an angle were cut in the days and weeks AFTER the towers fell, during the rescue and clearing operations. It isn't hard to find before and after pictures on Google that show this conclusively.

The Thermite claim is made by Prof. Steven "Cold Fusion" Jones, whose previous claim to fame was being right in the middle of one of the biggest scientific scams of the 20th century. This guy is so out there he even managed to lose a tenured university job! Prof. Jones and his team conducted some bizarre tests of their own invention on samples they won't share with anyone else and can't prove where they came from and came to the conclusion they wanted to reach - there was thermite in the samples. They then snuck this study into a pay-to-publish Bentham scientific journal that nobody takes seriously under the nose of that journals own editor - who resigned in protest. In other words, no evidence here either. Not to mention the fact that every single time someone has tried to cut a steel beam with thermite the test completely failed. The claim thermite was used to bring down the WTC is laughable at best.

If the WTC towers fell at "freefall speed" (which isn't even the correct terminology, showing what these folks really know) then how do you explain this:

If that building is falling at gravitational velocity, then is the debris shown here clearly below the collapse point exceeding gravitational velocity?

To date more than 100 papers have been published in peer-reviewed major physics and structural engineering journals explaining exactly how, why and how fast the Twin Towers fell adn all support the natural collapse theory. There isn't a single peer-reviewed paper in any credible journal that supports any of the nonsense in this movie. Those folks don't publish their data where other qualifed professionals will see, review and challenge it. They pitch their tawdry wares to the masses.

WTC7 is no mystery. One of 11 buildings totally written off that day with 25 more heavily damaged even though they also were not hit by airplanes (bet you didn't know that, did you) WTC7 was in fact severely damaged when the 110 story north tower fell on it. 1/3 of the front of the buildng was destroyed and major fires raging on multiple floors, none of which could be fought due to a lack of water pressure and a good chunk of the NYFD having just been wiped out. Many hours of rescue worker radio chatter recordings clearly show that Truther claims of there being only a few minor fires or no serious damage to the building are complete bunk.

Finally (since I am about out of space). NEADS had 9 minutes warning that Flight 11 was a hijack. The other 3 aircraft had all crashed before NEADS was informed they were also hijacks. The only domestic intercept of an aircraft in the decade prior to 9/11 was the stricken aircraft of pro-Golfer Payne Stewart. That intercept took 74 minutes. In other words, there is nothing suprising about the hijacked airliners not being intercepted.

So in summary, my suggestion would be if you want to learn the facts of 9/11 stay away from politically motivated propaganda like Zeitgeist, or at least don't approach it so credulously next time.

Also on this date Saturday, February 1, 2025...