Just Say No to PowerPoint Week on February, 2025: Microsoft Powerpoint problems?

Just Say No to PowerPoint Week 2025. PowerPoint: say no for a week February 3-9 is “Just Say No

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Microsoft Powerpoint problems?

The powerpoint probably opened up in Powerpoint VIEWER instead of the full version of Powerpoint (for some reason). Open the full version of Powerpoint, then load the presentation you were working on.

On a side note, you did buy the full version of Office, right? It's not the one that came pre-installed on the computer? Because if it was pre-installed, that was only a trial and you'd need to buy the full version at the store.

What is powerpoint?

What is powerpoint?

PowerPoint is a piece of software made by Microsoft. The idea of PowerPoint is that you can make slides containing sound, animation, pictures and text which you can use to aid the audience when you're talking about something.

Ask your teacher, friends etc and they'll probably be able to help you get to grips with it :)

Scared of powerpoint presentations.?

Scared of powerpoint presentations.?

The good thing about using a powerpoint presentation is that the audience is look at it, not at you. To increase that, you could try putting some cartoons on your slides that relate to your presentations. If you go to images.google.com, you can search for them- for example, search for "doctors cartoon" if your topic is on something medical. Then, while you are speaking, the audience will be looking at and reading the cartoon. They will also be amused and enjoy your presentation, which will give you good feedback and confidence.

The only way to get over being scared when you present is to do presentations and learn that nothing terrible happens when you do them. That's the way you get over any fear. I'm sorry that your teacher is letting students do their presentation just to her (which, to me, is actually scarier!) My teacher in the 8th grade made us recite a poem individually every Friday. In some ways, it was easier because we had memorized the words, but it got us over our fear of speaking in front of a group. That really helped when I was in college and on a job where I had to speak to groups. It's important that you do this. Just keep reminding yourself that nothing really bad can happen to you. If you make a mistake and kids later tease you, just laugh at yourself. When you laugh at yourself, it's hard for other people to laugh at you- it takes all the fun out of it for them!

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