International Coaching Week on February, 2025: When will mexico get a permanent coach?

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When will mexico get a permanent coach?

Before June, the fmf have said there's gonna be a new coach, so when Mexico will play against Belize, for the world cup qualifications, there should be one coach.

The possible candidates are quite a lot, Javier Aguirre has spoken with fmf leaders, other are Jesus Ramirez, the provisional coach, and there are the international coaches names like Scollari, Lippi, Bianchi and Pekerman.

But i would expect a surprise, it is always so with fmf and with Mexico in general.

Where can I get Coach bags in London?

Where can I get Coach bags in London?

There should be a coach store around somewhere, I heard there was one, I'm just not sure where..that or order it offline, I think they have international shipping.

Our 8 week old GSD is scared of people, What can we do?

Our 8 week old GSD is scared of people, What can we do?


Achieving that starts with using only mentally-sound parents, is continued by owners choosing calm pups at 7-9 weeks old, and owners being in a training-club class (forget pet-shop play-groups) starting when Pup is 18-22 weeks old & staying until it is at least a yearling.

You don't say how you got Pup, nor when - we don't even know how old she is NOW.

Assuming you are still in the return-for-a-full-refund period, I recommend returning her, then patiently saving up until you can find a genuine GSD. And while waiting, learn a BETTER way to raise a pup.

I do NOT approve of crating for more than a few minutes, usually just to protect Pup from a visiting brat. A pup NEEDS to exercise its mind & its fast-growing bones-&-muscles every minute it is awake, neither of which can be done while it is locked in solitary confinement. Prolonged crating FORCES a pup to learn to mess in its nest.

If you keep her, immediately learn:

#1: Except to see a vet, Pup does NOT leave your property until at least 2 weeks after her first set of vaccinations (should be given at 8 weeks old, so she stays home until 10+ weeks old).

#2: Socialisation has NOTHING to do with playing with people & dogs.

It means acquainting your pup - from a distance SHE considers safe - with every movement, reflection, scent, sight, sound, texture in your area. Once it is a reasonable risk to take her off your property, it means finding busy places where dogs do NOT roam free, do NOT piddle-poo-vomit, and there allowing her to "explore in all directions at once" on the end of a 2m/6ft leash except when you must haul her away from scared people or dangerous/disgusting objects; it means standing still & silent whenever she needs to think about a "possibly dangerous new thing", letting her sit & think, or go behind you - wait until she decides to ignore or investigate that new thing then INSTANTLY praiseher for exploring. DO NOT CONSOLE OR IN ANY WAY REACT TO any unjustified fear she demonstrates - wait until SHE realises that she's ok.

#3: You have until she turns 13 weeks to do most of that, although you should continue until 16+ weeks old. MANY experiences can be provided at home - seeing herself in a big mirror, walking on plywood or polythene, going through a tunnel, jumping into a cardboard box to get some raw meat, hearing empty bottles land a few feet away from her. ALWAYS provide a new experience from a distance; get closer AFTER a proximity no longer bothers her.

#4: You do NOT want her friends with every human & dog - her focus should be on YOU, plus the humans & creatures in your household. She should take her cue from your mood re ignoring particular people or pooches, or warning them to stay away.

#5: Only in a proper training-club class will you achieve both (a) personal coaching to improve your techniques, and (b) Pup learning to pay attention regardless of what other people & dogs are doing.

#6: CUT BACK ON VISITORS - let her get used to YOU and the other "kidnappers" in your household. How would YOU feel if your kidnapper brought strangers to pick you up, kiss you, cuddle you....

#7: Focus on

(a) learning her timing & signals for "Wanna go toilet" and "Wanna BITE something" - and immediately take the appropriate action;

(b) being attractive so she always willingly Comes when you call, and Brings to you whatever is in her mouth. (If what she brings is forbidden, swap for an allowed toy & play excitedly with the toy to make it precious to her.)

#8: Pup should NOT be jumping from heights - not until skeleton & ligaments have firmed up. High equipment is NOT allowed before 15-18 months in Agility and SchutzHund.

• Add to your browser's Bookmarks or Favorites so that you can easily look up such as feeding, vaccinations, worming, clubs, weights, teething, neutering, disorders, genetics.

• To ask about GSDs, join some of the 400+ YahooGroups dedicated to various aspects of living with GSDs. Each group's Home page tells you which aspects they like to discuss, and how active they are. Unlike YA, they are set up so that you can have an ongoing discussion with follow-up questions for clarification. Most allow you to include photos.

Les P, owner of GSD_Friendly:

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