Through With The Chew on February, 2025: can hamsters chew through cardboard?

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can hamsters chew through cardboard?

most certainly!

those little boxes they make u take home your hamster in, i didn't even get into my house before it got most of its head through the box, luckily i already had the cage, otherwise if i bought the cage that day, she would have escaped the cardboard box before i was able to set up the cage!

if you are thinking about keeping your hamster in a cardboard box, think again, hamsters teeth are constantly growing, so they always needs to chew, and because of this, chewing on cardboard is fun for them, and if they are trying to escape, this makes them go chew crazy and can escape a lot faster, if you are merly using this as a transport you can, but if you have it in the box longer then 15 mins, it can escape, of course this depends on box width, size of hamster, and willingness to escape

if you want to put a toliet paper tube in its cage, but all means do so! its not harmful, but you will just have little bits of cardboard lying around the floor, they go crazy for this, so don't worry if it looks like thats all it eats, its just chewing away at it

will my rat chew through this hutch?

will my rat chew through this hutch?

It depends what it's made of. Rats can chew through most things, from plastic to wood and cardboard. I wouldn't worry about them chewing through it, though. They may nibble at the corners, but it is very unlikely that they will chew all the way through it! They don't really tend to do that, and even if (rarely) they did try to chew through it, it'd still take over a year for them to do it :). Don't worry!!

Good luck xx

Can a mouse chew through a screen?

Can a mouse chew through a screen?

Well I've seen them do it. They are more likely to chew through the new "plastic / PVC" screens than they are through a metal one. One thing that mice will not chew through is steel wool.

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