Random Acts of Kindness Week on February, 2025: Random acts of kindness?

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2025. Random Act of Kindness Week 2/10-2/16 This year Random Act of

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Random acts of kindness?

I was at the bottle depot with my dad a couple weeks ago. I was standing beside him while waiting for him to finish with his current bag, because I was on bag and cart duty. The woman standing one spot to our left bumped me with her cart. I turned around and said 'oh, sorry! Do you want me to take that back for you?' and she said 'oh, sure! Thanks!' So I took the cart back.

On the way back over to dad, someone dropped a plastic bottle without noticing, so I picked it up, tapped her on the shoulder and said 'you dropped this.'

Random Acts of Kindness...?

Random Acts of Kindness...?

I have to admit that I don't perform "random acts of kindness". Being kind is not in my cynical nature.

The most deliberate things that I do:

write to a prisoner that has been held for more than ten years in solitary confinement

made a promise to Oxfam to feed one person a week and have completed the promise so far

support amesty internaitonal and correspond with whomever I can depending on the situation.

Sometimes, I wish I could be spontaneouly nice and kind.

will you try to do a random act of kindness this week-end ?

will you try to do a random act of kindness this week-end ?

After the tragic murders at the Amish school in PA., That is what we all should be doing. Random acts of kindness!

I would like to add that the best acts of kindness are the ones that you do and never tell anyone that you did them. If you boast, then you are defeating the cause. Remember it is not about the giver, it is about the gift!

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