International Friendship Week on February, 2025: when is friendship day?

International Friendship Week 2025. International Friendship Week International Friendship Week

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when is friendship day?

National Friendship Day is on the first Sunday in August.

Women's Friendship Day is on the third Sunday in August

International Friendship Month is February

Old Friends, New Friends Week is the third week of May

&Or Friendship day can be on the day you and your friend met.. :)

Your Welcome in AdVaNcE! :)

when is world wide friendship day????

when is world wide friendship day????

International Friendship Day celebrations take place on the first Sunday of August Or August 3rd of every year

Most important international political affairs of 2010?

Most important international political affairs of 2010?

You can go to website and click on Foreign Policy for lots of information. Also try the Jobs area, because international political affairs is tied to President Obama's ongoing efforts to create more foreign markets for American-made goods.

We have a precarious balance with China right now, and China's new leader Hu Jintao is being hosted at the White House (a departure from the Bush administration's refusal to do so) as part of the negotiations for (a) getting China to stop manipulating its currency to artificially low levels that make American-made goods more expensive in foreign markets; (b) convince China to help us rein in North Korea's leader Kim Jong IL (and soon his son Kim Jong Un) by endorsing UN/U.S. sanctions; (c) reduce our trade deficit with China by imposing tariffs on imports, but not offending China's leaders in the process---so far, tire imports from China have had a tariff attached to level the trading field for American tire manufacturers, which produced a giant SNIT-POUT in China's leadership for a few weeks (a "saving face" cultural thing)...

We have the ratification of the New START Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty as of this past week in the 2010 "lame duck" session of Congress---something that required 69 votes in the Senate (meaning Republicans had to be convinced to stop blocking everything no matter how important). The details for this Treaty can be found at the website or on

The combat portion of the war in Iraq (an ILLEGAL war that made the U.S. a terrorist nation in 2003) was brought to an end as the last of our combat troops returned home at the end of August 2010. A contingency force of 50,000 remains (part Intelligence Ops, part trainers and overseers while the fledgling Iraq government stabilizes), but the combat mission is over.

Check out President Obama's recent 11-day trip to Asia and what was achieved in terms of trade or arms deals that spells JOBS and an improved economy here in the U.S. On the very first day in India, for example, President Obama was able to negotiate a trade deal with India's leader Singh that creates at least 54,000 new jobs here in the U.S., and the President's stop in Indonesia, where he had lived as a boy, was also a success.

If you go back to 2009 and read the transcript of President Obama's Cairo, Egypt speech (a truly MASTERFUL and beautifully nuanced missive) before an audience of Muslims at a time when the U.S. is at war with two Muslim nations, you will have some materials for your school project that carried over into 2010: "The United States is NOT at war with Islam." "My first job as President of the United States is to protect the American people." "The United States will extend its hand in friendship to any nation willing to unclench its fist." These three statements clearly lay out a significant portion of the policy for the Obama administration as it relates to international affairs.

Also on this date Saturday, February 1, 2025...