Children of Alcoholics Week on February, 2025: Child Custody & child support?

Children of Alcoholics Week 2025. Children of Alcoholics Week Children of Alcoholics Week

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Child Custody & child support?

if child support was established you have established your paternity, now you have to request your rights. You have the right to see your child without supervision and the mother can not make demands such as your new wife can't be there. This is VERY typical of mom's, look up the term gatekeeper parent, and parental alienation.

If you have tried to see your child and the mother is blocking you you have a VERY good case for joint custody with traditional visitation. As long as you are not a druggie, or alcoholic, and you have a job and a place to live and aren't living with druggies and alcoholics you have an EXCELLENT shot at joint custody.

Yu need to file a motion for joint custody (depending on what state you live in it may be called something different) at the court house in the county the CHILD lives in, not your county. You can file the paper work by yourself, it is standard, and at first the mom may ask for supervised visits if you don't have a current relationship with your child, this is normal and fine, but you have to have a clause put in there that after 3 months of visits every single Saturday, or Sunday, and Every Wednesday night, or what ever, then if you spend all that time with your child then you move up to one over night per week, and then in 6 months you move up to traditional visitation.

Arm yourself, she will try to block you because she is a gatekeeper parent, but you DO have rights. Come to our group and learn about them.

Child Support.Is it mandatory for my dad to pay child support?!?

Child Support.Is it mandatory for my dad to pay child support?!?

Hi.. i'm sorry you're struggling right now. Please realize that your dad's drinking is an illness and an alcoholic doesn't practice rational thinking - even when they are sober. this is a disease which causes mental illness on some levels, and most of the time, people start drinking because they are trying to escape from life's reality. We all have issues, and it's healthy to work toward a sound solution to our problems with a sober and sound mind. But some people choose to drink instead.

If your father is working and pays taxes, he will likely be ordered to pay child support. The judge doesn't really care if your dad thinks he's broke right now. Paying child support is the law.

I'd also like to say that there are sometimes problems in marriages which are not apparent. Issues build up over time, and a couple can lose their emotional and physical connection.

Your dad is trying to make life hell for everyone around him because he's a drunk. Drunks blame everyone else for their problems, and it's not true. You did nothing wrong. Your father doesn't even like himself right now! I'm sure he loves you, but he is going through a lot and yes, being selfish and mean. He will regret what he said to you and i hope he apologizes.

Your dad has a problem, and until he realizes it and gets help, he's not going to change much, hon. It's NOT your fault.

If your mom used $6,000 to pay bills, i'm sure she won't be expected to pay it back. When a married couple has money in the bank, the money belongs to both of them and each person is entitled to use it.

My ex husband is an alcoholic and has liver disease and now anemia?

My ex husband is an alcoholic and has liver disease and now anemia?

I'm not an alcoholic nor was ever married to one, but my heart goes out to you in trying to think of yourself first for a change and not live your life around the behavior of an addict. You are doing the right thing and your life will get better in the future without him. You create your own life and happiness and not depend on anyone else to do it for you. Living with an alcoholic who refuses to quit or who constantly goes back to drinking is not a good life. It is filled with lies, manipulation, broken promises, apologies that mean nothing, and more lies. Just remember not to get involved in his drama from here on out. When you divorce, really be divorced. Remove him from your life unless there are children involved between the two of you. That makes things more difficult, but you can still distance yourself from having any type of personal relationship with him again even if there are children.

As he gets sicker with liver failure, let him take care of his own problems if he turns to you for help. I have actually seen ex wives take care of their alcoholic dying husbands because "they feel sorry for them." I actually know a lady in which her alcoholic husband ran off with her sister for about 20 years. When he became sick and was dying, the sister wanted no part of that so she threw him out. The ex wife took him back and became his caretaker till he died. The reason she said she took him back was because he said, "I really loved only you all along. I was not happy without you." Of course by then he was too sick to drink and was homeless and no one wanted him. Be careful not to fall into the "I feel so sorry for him" thing. I did want to add that your husband needs to detox safely when he does quit drinking. There is no need for the seizures and all that goes with that. He needs the proper medical help to detox the right way.

Good luck to you and hope you get better and your health improves. Even though 12 years seems like a long time, it really isn't all that much when you think about it. It could have been worse. It could have been 20 or 25 years which is not all that uncommon before a lot of women finally get fed up and realize they are never going to change and they can't take it anymore.

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