International Networking Week on February, 2025: what forms of business networking do you personally know - and are they any good?

International Networking Week 2025. INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING WEEK International Networking Week®

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what forms of business networking do you personally know - and are they any good?

There is a very good Network called BNI......Business Networking International......which meets once a week locally throughout uk & of course other countries. You meet at a breakfast meeting and all recommend each other work......very professional...ALL THE BEST

why are the PRSA international conferences so expensive?

why are the PRSA international conferences so expensive?

It costs a lot, but def go, did you go to Philly last year at the national level? I did and it was great we met Tim Russert so when he died last week i was really sad :( it was great, Mia Farrow spoke about Darfur and then Tim Russert's speech was amazing too. I went with a few girls from my PRSSA chapter. I am hoping to be able to afford going to Detroit this year too, even though I have graduated so I guess I'll become a PRSA member. I think its worth it, I met girls from Hawaii, there are HUGE networking advantages too I'm sure for PRSA members, I only know from PRSSA point of veiw but our advisor had cool things to go to during the conference too and she's a PRSA member.

How to find an international job?

How to find an international job?

Here is how to find an international job.

1) Use Web sites that specialize in international jobs for your profession. For example, Atlas Medical International links people to healthcare positions, lists jobs for engineers and Search Associates offers teaching and administrative jobs in international schools.

2) Consider teaching English to children or adults in another country. You usually have to speak English as your native language, and you often need TEFL certification (teaching English as a foreign language). Web sites such as Teach Abroad can help you get certified and find teaching jobs.

3) Use your professional and connections. Talk to people in your field who have had international jobs and ask them how they found them. Also ask them to serve as your references if you follow the same route.

4) Spread the word among friends and family that you want to work abroad. The larger your network, the better the chance you can find a job through word-of-mouth. Unless you ask, you'll never know that Aunt Tilly's brother-in-law is a recruiter for a prestigious international school in Paris or Madrid.

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