Boy Scout Anniversary Week on February, 2025: Why did Obama ditch the Boy Scouts 100 year anniversary to be on the View?

Boy Scout Anniversary Week 2025. Wenonah Canoe Blog: Wenonah Canoe Delivers Boats to the National ... Anniversary Boy Scouts of

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Why did Obama ditch the Boy Scouts 100 year anniversary to be on the View?

Ummm - from the anus of FOX FAKE "News" - it slides across your tongue and out onto Answers.....

I feel like im drifting from my BF?

I feel like im drifting from my BF?

he'll just find some other boyscouts or some other excuse, id find me a new boyfriend

Ladies only; I am horrible at relationships

Ladies only; I am horrible at relationships, is their some advice you can give a bad boy on being a"good guy"

Well, as the saying goes, the first step is admitting you have a problem. You get a lot of respect from me for your candor.

First of all, relax. It sounds like you were able to be yourself with this woman. I think you finally see what an opportunity this is for you. When you are around her, appreciate her intelligence, her life experience, the maturity as a WOMAN that she brings to the table. Admire her confidence. While you're at it, be happy for yourself that she finds something appealing in you.

Resist the temptation to be stupid. If you respect her and value her as a person, you'll be less likely to do idiot cheat and be bad. If you are tempted ask yourself two things: 1. How would you feel if she did this to you? 2. Where has being a bad boy gotten you? Frankly, it's nothing to be proud of, and you will not be able to deal with youngsters indefinitely, if they don't get tired of you first. Respect yourself enough to respect her; don't ruin it before it's had a chance to get off the ground. Take the chance and BE the Boy Scout, the one she'll brag about, the one she wants to introduce to the family. There's a lot to be said for that guy.

Treat your time with her as something precious, valuable and worthwhile. Look at where you are now and consider how different and more fulfilling you life might be. As we get older, we have fewer and fewer opportunities to change our pasts and be truly happy.

My husband was like you long before I met him. Unlike you, he got the last girlfriend pregnant and "did the right thing" by marrying her. Fifteen years, a bitter divorce and two dysfunctional children later, he's evolved. He learned some hard lessons. When we met, he had previously sworn off women (being bad to girlfriends eventually catches up with you). Less than a year later, we were married. Our 6th wedding anniversary is coming up in December. He tells me how lucky he is, and how much he loves me every day. I've never doubted him for a moment.

Be the Good Guy. You won't regret it.

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