Employee Spirit Month on March, 2025: Am getting a job in spirit Halloween?

March, 2025 is Employee Spirit Month 2025. Bigelow Tea Celebrates Employee Spirit Month! “March is Employee Spirit

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Am getting a job in spirit Halloween?

Below are reviews from staff at Spirit Halloween. Good Luck!!

“Fun, seasonal work” Sales Associate (Former Employee) Roseville, CA

I worked at Spirit Halloween part-time for less than a year

Pros – One of the best job experiences for a seasonal job that doesn't include the chaos of Christmas. Boss was extremely helpful in helping me help others.

Cons – The only downside of working this job, is that the job only lasts 3 months maximum. Other than that, very fun first job

“Never. Ever. Again.” Sales Associate (Former Employee) New York, NY

I worked at Spirit Halloween part-time for less than a year

Pros – Got paid more than minimum wage

Met some really cool and understanding customers

Made a few coworker friends

Hours were decent

Cons – Didn't get paid until store shut down and got one lump sum for a month's work

Barely trained,Coworkers were unprofessional/ cliquish,Loads of shoplifters,No employee ID number until 1 week before store shut down,Hadn't received a paycheck but was pressured to buy things

Merchandise constantly out of order/strewn about the store,Manager was prone to temper tantrums

District Manager wanted everyone to brown nose

“Fun, and super easy job” Sales Associate (Former Employee) Fresno, CA

I worked at Spirit Halloween part-time for less than a year

Pros – Easy job, Cashier can be a little hectic as halloween gets closer.

Fun environment, It's like working in a haunted house

Discount is nice, especially with pricey costumes

Cons – Messy customers, you CONSTANTLY have to fix the displays and there is a loft of theft in SPIRIT stores so you constantly have to be on the look out,Dressing rooms suck

Super slow and boring weekday mornings. Nothing to do,Working on Halloween weekend/Halloween

I worked at Spirit Halloween part-time for less than a year

Pros – See cool costumes,Lots of laughs.Get to put together awesome displays and play with fog machines,End of Halloween sale coupled with employee discount gets you some cheap junk.

Easy enough to get promoted if you want to, some states get paid higher than minimum wage.

Cons – Having to look at a plethora of racist and sexist costumes while trying not to be angry.

Parents angry about their daughters wanting to try on lascivious costumes,Crackheads and drunks trying to steal overpriced costumes,Working with crackheads and meth-heads.

None of corporate knows what they are doing,Employment only lasts for a month or two.

I have been working at Spirit Halloween

Pros – Should be a fun experience helping customers with their Halloween "needs". If you get paid in a timely manner, it might help fill in an unemployment gap.

Cons – Employees are treated like cattle. No respect and no recognition for a job well done. The employees at my store are so worried about getting yelled at (for trying to help), that they just stand around until they are directed to a task. My Store manager acted like she was doing me a BIG favor by ringing up my employee discount sale and embarrassed me in front of my grandchildren with her "attitude" . Very unprofessional....some of my co-worker's paychecks were missing multiple day's wages and the Management treated them like dirt for asking about their missing compensation on their $7.50 per hour job. Some of the High School Kids even had to have their parents call and complain, before they were paid! Yep, these bosses are looking out for their BONUSES ONLY!

What is the best way to tell employees that they will not get bonus?

What is the best way to tell employees that they will not get bonus?

During this economic crisis, as most corporations have reported a significant decrease in profits, thereby increasing the number of layoff announcements, this is a really tough position for employers to be in this year. What you can do (learned this from an effective former supervisor) is to hold a meeting with your team, first distributing a sugary snack to at least put them in a "happy mood," such as donuts. Then start the meeting by praising how great of a job everyone has been doing and give positive encouragements so that everyone will keep up with the excellent work. Then tell them how hard the economy has been----and still is and will continue to be over the next 6 months----explain to them how hard of a position you and the company are in right now.....and then give the negative announcement. BE SURE to stay positive in your tone of voice and attitude or else the employees will feel a sense of "hopeless" vibes from you. In order to be a "cheerleader" for everybody to stay positive through this crisis, tell them you completely understand their position----if possible, relate to them by stating that you are in the SAME BOAT as they are. There will most likely be fears of possible layoffs. If there's no layoff-forecast, do your best to ensure them of that and also that you are ON THEIR SIDE to fight for every other possible benefits. Tell them that "we all need to pull through this together" and that you will continue to be their "cheerleader" and advocate. Instead of bonus checks, if you or the company can afford it, reward their hard work through some other methods: treat them to occasional pizza lunches, buy donuts/bagels here and there, give weekly "encouragement certificates" (with images of stars or funny characters/caricatures to bring a smile to their faces) for each person's efforts, construct some kind of point-system work-project "contests" and give prizes (such as free movie tickets) to the hardest worker(s), and even occasional "happy hour gatherings," where employees can pay for their own meals and drinks but also gives a "united" sense of positive spirit through this hard time. And lastly, be sure to conclude your "speech" by telling them that you are ALWAYS available to "be there for anyone who needs to talk in person" with you. And keep your office door----and heart----open for your employees. Best wishes to you, your team, and your company.

Wanna read a funny story to get you to get you in the holiday spirit?

Wanna read a funny story to get you to get you in the holiday spirit?

This is also a funny story about an employees bought a birthday gift for their boss

Some employees bought their boss a gift for his birthday. Before opening the gift, the boss shook it slightly, and noticed that it was wet in the corner. Touching his finger to the wet spot and tasting it, he asked, "A bottle of wine?"

His employees replied, "No."

Again, he touched his finger to the box and tasted the liquid. "A bottle of scotch?"

"His employees replied again, "No."

Finally the boss asked, "I give up. What is it?"

His workers responded, "A puppy."

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