National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month on March, 2025: Why do people think the economy is so bad?

March, 2025 is National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month 2025.

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Why do people think the economy is so bad?

Let's see.. I'm 50+, been looking for a "decent" job for 2 years now with only 4 interviews. I do house cleaning, but have seen that income drop from $1800/mo to only $400/mo.

I lost my house to foreclosure 6 years ago. I quit the only "job" I had that gave me ANY sort of medical benefits (quit due to horrible new manager), so now I have NO medical insurance.

My MOTHER is helping to pay my bills since I'm not making enough to cover them.

I've pawned or sold just about everything of value I have.

My pantry is slowly but surely becoming bare. I haven't filled my gas tank to the top in months... only able to put $10-20 of gas at any given time.

I've had checks bounce because of insufficient funds... and the bank (of course) charges me fees, which costs me more of what I don't have enough of to begin with.

I don't have a retirement plan. That was cashed out trying to save my home from foreclosure.

The IRS continues to collect on over $5,000 in back taxes (due to cashing in my IRA account before I was eligible to do so) at only $75/mo. At that rate, I will never pay them off cuz they charge interest and penalties, which accumulate to more than the $75/mo I can afford to pay them.

Shall I go on? YES... I WILL go on...

I AM NOT living off the state... I don't qualify for unemployment. I don't qualify for welfare. I don't qualify for food stamps. The ONLY government assistance I have had in the last 5 years was the "LIEAP" (Low Income Energy Assistance Program) that replaced my furnace when it stopped working during one of the coldest Februaries on record. And even with that, I was having to burn wood to augment my heating.

I have sent out GOD knows HOW many applications over the past 2 years, have had only 4 interviews, NO call-backs. I'm either TOO old, TOO educated, NOT the right religion, NOT married, DON'T have kids, NOT the right gender, I've been asked ILLEGAL questions.

I just had to replace my 1987 Toyota Camry that finally "broke down" with transmission problems, and I had to have my MOTHER buy a car for me. The ONLY savings I have to my name totals $25. My checking account balance RARELY exceeds $200, and often enough goes into "insufficient funds."

I have gone from being a "comfortable" middle class person to someone who has a horrible credit rating, NO good job, NO house, and little to no income. What has this economy done for ME? NOTHING! I can't even take advantage of the gooberment's vaunted "assistance" programs cuz I don't qualify.

The most I have ever earned in a year was $25,000. I have never had a job that earned me more than that, and currently (as mentioned above) my annualized income is around $7,000.

I worked for a national pizza chain for 14+ years, and never earned more than $4,000/year. When I finally QUIT it, they were only scheduling me for 6 hours a week, and my bi-weekly paycheck was a measly $40 or so!

You, my dear friend, are young, innocent, and ignorant. There are more people out here with MY sort of story than with YOURS. So, please don't insult us. We don't need any snot-nosed brat trying to make us feel worse than we already are.

1. REPEAL the 16th Amendment!!



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Help! Big trouble with bad person? Dont have the money to pay but can borrow it ..

Help! Big trouble with bad person? Dont have the money to pay but can borrow it ... should i take a loan?

In contrast with the other two answers I think its clear he's on solid ground.

You sold his gear.

You owe him wages.

Pay him.

It may be that he his coming over "heavy" but thats exactly what people do to get what theyre owed, its all part of the process of convincing people to do what they are supposed to do in absence of integrity.

As for the business with the asbestos, I worked in the building industry for years and frankly YOU have no excuse unless all this occurred 30 years ago.

You my friend are the criminal.

Pay the man and start dealing with the god awful mess youve created at that building.

Those people have been exposed because YOU havent taken your responsibilities seriously.

Also on this date Saturday, March 1, 2025...