International Listening Awareness Month on March, 2024: i have poor general knowledge?

March, 2024 is International Listening Awareness Month 2024. International Listening Awareness Month International Listening Awareness Month. Mar/02/2011

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i have poor general knowledge..?

It is good that you feel your gk is poor.

But reading books alone does not contribute to increase in general knowledge.

It requires genuine interest in topics of national and international events; reading newspapers EVERY day, and having a general awareness of things going on around the world.

Read Malayala Manorama Year Book every year to brush up your GK.

2. At least read the Times of India and the HINDU for increasing GK.

3. Listen and see BBC radio and TV. Particularly watch those channels like Discovery, Animal Planet etc.

4. Ask questions of your areas of interest to your peers, teachers and other elders in the family.

You will go places, in about three to six month's time.

You are also welcome to address your questions to me which I will endeavour to answer promtply. (See my profile on yahoo.)

Question on College Life?

Question on College Life?

You're where I was at your age. It almost makes me cry when I think about it - to be torn between going out all the time and partying and staying in to do my homework. The feelings of aloneness, the feeling of sailing the seven seas alone, adrift on a boat all by myself... I look back on those times and I think about those people who were always socializing, always partying, hanging out, etc. With only a very few exceptions I know that most of the people I dormed with my Freshmen year in College ended up: dropping out for failing grades, getting pregnant (or impregnating someone) and dropping out, becoming burnt out on drugs and or alcohol, dying from drug overdoses/car crashes or generally leading unfulfilled lives as "assistant managers" at the local McDonalds - even now. I know what you're going through is PAINFULLY tough. I know you're used to having at least some more social stimulation that you're getting now. But please, I beg you, don't give in to the insanity!!! Get yourself into a routine. Work out (whatever that means to you), join a non-party oriented student group (my favorite ones involved environmental awareness/cleanup and camping), get to know your professors and ask them about how they made it, seek out like-minded people. You can do this first by looking at the clubs and organizations at your school. Check out the gym. Check out the local organizations in your area. Join a political campaign, volunteer at a local charity (homeless shelter/kitchen, save the animals, amnesty international) - anything to keep your mind off of mindless socializing. Please do not allow yourself to become a casualty, a statistic in the form of "just another dropout." In fact, most students who start college do not finish it. Please keep yourself moving forward. Don't listen to the music. Block out the pain by doing good deeds. I know this sounds like Mrs. White's diatribe from the movie Carrie (1976 - starring Sissy Spacek) but I just can't forget the emotionally traumatizing reality of how most of the party animals of my Freshman year ended up.

How can I convince my parents to let me go on student exchange?

How can I convince my parents to let me go on student exchange?

Please explain to them the benefits that you can get being an exchange student is you learn to work through the actions to adapt to another culture, increased maturity of the students within the host family and school and enhance the flexibility and confidence. An exchange student develops understanding of the country’s relations and self-awareness. Student exchange is a reality learning and living without the competitive environments. Exchange student program is a learning of total immersion through cognitive and emotional where exchange students are directly concerned with the human differences explanations. In Australia exchange program offers student an inbound in Australia a full fee study. World Education Program in Australia provides and arranged a trip for international students. It is also a great opportunity to the exchange students to go for a travel to Uluru, Melbourne and Alice Springs. World Education Program in Australia offers between three and twelve months study in Australia and exchange students are positioned with a volunteer host families and going to attend secondary school locally. One benefits of the program also offers to exchange students a chance to participate in a selected part tour of Australia.

Hope this a help!

God bless!

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