International Ideas Month on March, 2025: business venture ideas?

March, 2025 is International Ideas Month 2025. How to share your ideas effectively The Idea-DetailsĀ® Strategy

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International Ideas Month

I had this wonderful concept! Now, exactly what was it once again?

Ideas are necessary. They're the means society makes improvements. Sometimes the smallest of ideas can lead to terrific advancements. Most of us have ideas however the trouble is we commonly can not predict the long-lasting opportunities and we forget about them.

International Ideas Month motivates us to make the most of our suggestions, and tests us to do something with them! Carry a tiny notebook or have a note-making application on your phone, and write down concepts as you have them. Try thinking with people which share an usual purpose and view what ideas turn up. In some cases they can be found in a flood, occasionally merely one puts into your head. Nevertheless it takes place, take down it. After that, before too much time passes, evaluate your concepts and review them. If they really excel ones, develop an activity plan and get going!

business venture ideas?

There are millions of business ideas out there, it could take years to list all the ideas, LOL, and many of them wouldn't be relevant to you.

You've made a great start, by beginning to list some skills you have, so that's excellent, well done.

I would suggest you & your partner spend even more time on writing a list of all your skills, you'll think of even more.

Then list all the jobs, volunteer roles, family roles, community roles, earlier businesses, etc, that you've both done.

Then list what you both really, really enjoy doing. Running a business is going to take-up lots of time, so you'd better enjoy it!

What do other people tell you you're good at? What do they ask for your advice on?

Are you thinking of operating locally? Or would you like to be international? The internet makes the latter possible even for tiny businesses.

What sort of people do you like helping? Women aged 20-30; men who like coffee; children who can't concentrate at school; retirees; people who care about the environment? The potential list is endless, you need to find the kind of people and topics that matter to you too.

A business should seek to solve a problem people have, you need to solve a problem if you want people to pay you money. A problem could be needing a quick snack on the way to work, or needing childcare, or needing a huge ship to transport oil around the world, or any one of a million other things. So, what problems do the people you like to help, have?

What do you want from the business? This should be whatever's important to you - which may be a certain net income, or freedom, or selling the business in five years time so you never need to work again, or any one of a million things.

Putting together the answers to all these questions will give you ideas which are relevant to you and which are viable. It might feel like extra work, but what it will give you, is ideas that work and ideas that work for you, rather than just a list of businesses which may not interest you and may not work in your area.

There's a blog for businesses I find really helpful and there's a free ecourse I've used - I'm putting these resources in the next box.

Shall we make an (International) Pirate Month?

Shall we make an (International) Pirate Month?

Fun idea. But i keep hearing Jerry Seinfeld in my head, "but i don't wanna be a pirate!" lol

International travel with newborn (3-8 months old)?

International travel with newborn (3-8 months old)?

It is a perfect time to take them on international travels. Once they're more mobile, it will be harder to keep them entertained and happy on such trips for a few years. Shorter trips will be possible, but for something like you're describing, it's best to do it within the first year or so.

Some concerns will involve how you will carry the baby and all of your gear for travel. Backpacking may not actually be the best idea simply because of weight issues. You'll need an excellent, comfortable backpack baby carrier. It might be a better idea to plan on renting a car for your entire trip and doing it by road for the majority of the time, going on short backpacking jaunts as you go.

One thing to think about is the types of vaccinations you might want your baby to have while travelling. Some vaccinations can't be given until baby is a certain age, which would need to be taken into consideration.

You will need to get your baby's passport as soon as possible so you will have it by the time you are ready to travel.

Another consideration will be feeding baby. If you are breastfeeding, you will have the easiest job of it and you won't ever have to worry about water quality or having somewhere to heat formula. Also, if baby is less than 6 months old, she won't even need solid foods at all, which will make it all the easier. If you are formula-feeding, however, you will have to think about bottles, formula, water, etc. Another benefit to breastfeeding abroad is that your baby will be less likely to get sick.

You will need to have breastpads to soak up leaking milk while you travel. I recommend bringing 4-6 good, thick cotton or hemp pads that can be hand-washed. Wash them every day.

Diapers. Believe it or not, cloth diapers are actually easier to deal with on a backpacking trip than disposables. Why? Because cloth diapers are easy to clean, so long as you're not squeemish about it. Especially if baby isn't eating solid foods yet, even poop is easy to clean. If you're using disposable diapers, you will have to consider how you will dispose of them. If you are using cloth, you will have to consider how you will clean them. The old-fashioned, plain cloth diapers work better for such travel than the fancy all-in-ones or anything like that. You can simply hang the cloth diapers up to dry after you've washed them in a stream/hostel/hotel with a mild soap. You don't even need to soak them in anything if you wash them every day or two.

Another concern will be how you will sleep with the baby. It is a suffocation hazard to have baby in a mummy bag or anything like that, so getting warm sleepers for baby will be important.

It's a wonderful idea and a great adventure.

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