Child Life Month on March, 2023: What is the Purpose of Life Insurance Policies for Children?

March, 2023 is Child Life Month 2023. e2b teknologies to support Child Life Month in March Child Life Month, a special

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What is the Purpose of Life Insurance Policies for Children?

I gladly pay around $10/month per child so that if something should happen, I don't need to use a VISA card for a funeral and open a bill every month to remind me of my loss. I also like that I can take time off from work to grieve. Most importantly, my children can add to their life insurance at several times in their adult life without having to answer a single health question.

If the father goes for custody does he have to do it where the child lives?

If the father goes for custody does he have to do it where the child lives?

He has to do it where the child lives as long as the child was also conceived in that city unless the child is at least six months old.

This exception would be if the mother got pregnant in the father's city and then moved before the baby was born. In that situation, the father can file in his city based on his city being the place in which the child was conceived. This prevents women from trying to gain an advantage in a custody lawsuit by moving away right before the child is born. If the father doesn't take action before the child turns six months, then it is assumed that he has consented to the move.

kansas/colorado custody & child support laws?

kansas/colorado custody & child support laws?

The jurisdiction is where ever the child lives, as long as he has lived there more than 6 months.

If your friend lives in a different state than his son, that state has no jurisdiction over that case and should be dismissed.

A judge in Kansas can't use "colorado laws" they are a Judge for their state and can't rule on another states case.

Your friend is going to have to hire a Colorado Lawyer and be present himself, or telephone in for the hearing.

Also, if he was NOT married to the Mom demand a DNA test. If he was married they have him either way, but there are A LOT! of dad's paying child support for kids that aren't even theirs, no matter how faithful he thinks she was, most judges will require a DNA test anyway. Without DNA he also has ZERO rights to have visitation or custody decided. He must be proven to be the father through the courts. As an unmarried dad he has zero rights to that child, and the mom has ZERO rights to child support until he is proven to be the dad in a court of law.

If he doesn't object and request a DNA test he will be financially responsible for that child until he is 18, even if he finds out he isn't the dad.

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