Bell Peppers and Broccoli Month on March, 2024: How long does veg stay safe to eat once frozen?

March, 2024 is Bell Peppers and Broccoli Month 2024. Easy Stir-Fry Broccoli and Red Bell Pepper Recipe - Jeanette's ... I try to make broccoli at

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How long does veg stay safe to eat once frozen?

Commercially Frozen Vegetables 1 year stored in original package

Asparagus 1 year

Beets 1 year

Bell & Sweet Peppers; Chile Peppers 3 to 4 months

Broccoli 1 year

Carrots 1 year

Cauliflower 1 year

Celery 1 year

Corn 8 months

Green or Wax Beans 1 year

Leafy Greens 8 months

Okra 8 months

Peas 8 months

Tomatoes 3 to 4 months

Winter Squash & Pumpkin, cooked 1 year

Zucchini & Summer Squash 8 months

What else can my Red crown parrot eat?

What else can my Red crown parrot eat?

Greens: Kale, Bok choy, spinach, chard, mustard greens, radish, carrot tops, beet tops, dandelion greens (make sure they haven't been sprayed or collected near a roadway) and just about any other leafy green veggie.

Veggies: Carrots, peas, zucchini, corn, squash, radishes, bell pepper, broccoli, green beans, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, chili peppers.

Grains: Steamed rice (white, brown, wild) cooked pasta, whole wheat and multi-grain bread, popcorn (no butter), bran muffins, polenta, grits, cous cous, sprouted seeds and grains (quinoa, amaranth, millet, teff, kamut, spelt), oatmeal, all natural cereal.

Proteins: Raw sunflower seed (small amounts), chicken, eggs, rish, small amounts of hard cheese such as Jack and cheddar, tofu, cooked beans (lentil, kidney, black, garbonzo, navy, white).

Fruit: Apples (seeds removed), peaches, bananas, melons, mango, pomegranate, oranges, papaya, strawberries, plums, pears, berries, nectarines, cherries. (Please remove all pits from fruit.)

Please don't feed your birds salty foods, processed sugar, avocado, rhubarb, alcohol, greasy foods, caffeine, tomato leaves & stems, eggplant leaves, dried beans (always cook or fully sprout first), chocolate, apple seeds, fruit pits, tobacco. Feed onions or garlic in very small amounts only.



Which fruits can I feed my 3 month old Guinea Pig?

Which fruits can I feed my 3 month old Guinea Pig?

you can feed them mant things some you can only give them alittle of somthing though they can have:

Apple (Seeds are Poisonous)



Asian Pear


Banana (Can cause constipation)


Beet greens


Belgian Endive





Brussels Sprouts

Cabbage (Green)

Cabbage (Red)

Carrot tops / leaves

Carrots (Can cause liver problems)

Cauliflower / Broccoli flower

Celery leaves

Celery Root / Celeriac

Celery stalks (cut into small pieces)

Cherries (Remove stones)

Chives (Feed in moderation)

Cilantro / Chinese Parsley Coriander greens

Collard greens

Corn on cob/strings/leaves/stalks


Cranberries (whole fruit, not juice)

Cucumber (Not pickled)

Currants (Black-Leaves also edible)

Currants (Red)

Dandelion greens

Dates (High in Sugar when dried)


Feijoa / Pineapple Guava

Figs (High in Sugar when dried)

Garden Cress


Grapefruit (Acid may cause sores on mouth)

Grapes (High in Sugar when dried)

Grass (wheat grown in pots)

Green Beans in pods / String Beans

Green Endive

Green Leek tops (Feed in moderation)

Green Onion tops Feed in moderation)


Hay (Alfalfa) (Only treats for Adults)

Hay (Orchard)

Timothy hay (Feed unlimited to Adults)

Kale (curly or plain)

Kiwi Fruit

Kohlrabi bulbs

Kohlrabi leaves


Lettuce (Arugula)

Lettuce (Bibb)

Lettuce (Boston)

Lettuce (Butterweed)

Lettuce (Cos)

Lettuce (Dark Green Leaf)

Lettuce (Romaine)



Melon (Cantaloupe)

Melon (Honeydew)

Melon (Watermelon)


Mustard greens / Leaf Mustard


Orange (Acid may cause sores around mouth)

Papaya / Paw Paw / Tree Melon

Parsley (curly or plain)

Parsley root


Passion Fruit / Granadilla

Peach / Stone poisonous


Peas in pods, Pea Shoots

Peppers (Sweet or Bell) Red

Peppers (Sweet or Bell) Green

Peppers (Yellow)

Persimmon (American or oriental)

Pineapple (Feed in moderation)

Plum, Prune (High in Sugar when dried)


Radicchio / Italian Chicory





Spinach (Feed in moderation)


they cant have:

Potato (Starch that's in the potato will kill them)

Sugar, like chocolate and candy (They can't digest it)

Dairy Products (This will make them sick)

Almonds (Can't digest)

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