National Ethics Awareness Month on March, 2025: do you believe in astrology?! please answers i need help!?

March, 2025 is National Ethics Awareness Month 2025. Ethics Awareness Month‎ Get Ethics Awareness Month Info. Access 4 Search Engines at Once.

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do you believe in astrology?! please answers i need help!?

Whether he is an astrologer or not, stay away from these type of people. Successful astrologers/readers don't chase clients, they don't do ebay, or psychic lines. Certified astrologers need to follow a code of ethics. What he has done is not ethical at all! Of course, good astrologers/reader cost lots of money and time, because they spend lots of money to study a tool. Astrology is a tool to bring about a better awareness of self. I have been a professional for many years and never had to advertise, and I do not do emails here. I am blessed with a good living, and come here to promote good astrology, not nonsense that you see through this format at times. I would strongly avoid the chasers, as that is all they do, and sadly, not in an ethical manner. Not clear what they wrote to you, did you give him your birth date? I have seen scams where they send the same letter to thousands of people, and bang a hit... now the fishing starts.

Is astrology a good or valid tool to clarity, yes, but one sadly needs to be more aware where you are obtaining that information.

Try ISAR - International Society of Astrological Research, or AFA - American Federation of Astrologers, or the British Lodge, or NCGR - National Council for Geocosmic Research - FAA Federation of Australian Astrologers - All of these organizations are internationally recognized, and have standards. To be certified in one of these organizations takes generally 6 years, unless you do it full time, which may take about 3 years. Either way it is a huge study.

Hope this helps.

(March) a new poem forgotten - posted today, will you c/c if you may?

(March) a new poem forgotten - posted today, will you c/c if you may?

Good old March went away

And April is here to stay

A song rings in my ears

I wish I wish you were here...

It was a song from 1994

Sung by Rednex

And turning back time

Would be quite a chance to relax

I wish I wish I could turn back time

And dream of a sweet butterfly! :))

Also on this date Saturday, March 1, 2025...