National Cheerleading Safety Month on March, 2024: Do I have a CHANCE of getting into BU, American, Northeastern, UCI, UCD, James Madison

March, 2024 is National Cheerleading Safety Month 2024.

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Do I have a CHANCE of getting into BU, American, Northeastern, UCI, UCD, James Madison

You should post this question on as they are really helpful with this sort of thing there.

But, I'll try to chime for now. To be honest, I don't know why you consider Penn State a safety school considering your low SAT scores. Keep in mind many public universities are harder to get into if you are not a resident of that state. And even if you are a resident of PA, that 1620 is still very low and I'm not sure if it'll qualify for Penn State. Almost every school in each of the 3 categories you listed above are "reach" schools in your case - some less so than others, but nevertheless not a guarantee.

At this point, I highly doubt you'll get into any of the schools you listed as "reach," as well as Syracuse, which you should've also added to the reach category. But honestly even Colorado, Davis, Irvine, all seem like reach schools for you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

You should go on the collegeboard website and put your stats in to see what kind of recommendations they can come up for you.

Good luck!

my college application list - advice and suggestions?

my college application list - advice and suggestions?

Decent list. I would drop Northeastern as you are well above that and not the best real college experience. Would add Colgate or Holy Cross. HC is Jesuit like BC.

Also on this date Friday, March 1, 2024...
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