Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month on March, 2025: Where could I adopt a Guinea Pig at?

March, 2025 is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month 2025. Adopt a New Best Friend - Kittens, Puppies, Best Friends‎ Take one Home for the Holidays

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Where could I adopt a Guinea Pig at?

You could try craigslist. I also wanted to say that it's awesome how you don't want to go to a pet store. After adopting 2 guinea pigs one died from a lung infection two weeks later and the second one almost did as well. They also keep them in inadequate sized cages. I can write more but I won't. Try craigslist and it's awesome that you don't want to support the inhuman treatment and care of these wonderful, amazing creatures.

They can live together but you should take them into a neutral territority to introduce them there. If you look at the site you can see how to introduce your current guiena pig to another.

guinea pig?

guinea pig?

You will need:

1. A suitable cage. See or for information & instructions on how to build one of these great cages.

2. Bedding. Use aspen, Carefresh, or KILN-dried pine shavings. Do not use regular pine or cedar bedding, as they cause respiratory problems.

3. A water bottle with a metal sipper tube (I like Critter Canteen) and a heavy dish that can't be tipped.

4. Quality Timothy hay is a must. You can order it online through or Hay is a must for guinea pigs. It keeps their digestive systems moving and also helps keep the teeth in check.

5. High quality guinea pig (not rabbitt!!) pellets with stabilized Vitamin C. You can order these online at both of the above hay websites. Sometimes you can find the Oxbow Cavy Cuisine pellets a local distributor. Check their website with your zip code & see if there's one near you.

6. Each piggie needs about a cup per day of fresh vegetables. These would include Romaine lettuce, parsley, spinach (use sparingly--high calcium level), endive, cilantro, escarole, bell peppers (any color), tomatos, squash, carrots (their favorite) or cucumber. Do NOT feed them potatos or onions. They can also have fruits as an occasional treat such as apple slices, orange slices, or bites of banana. Do not feed them iceburg lettuce--it will give them diarrhea.

Things not to do:

1. Do not get your piggie an exercise wheel or ball. They can harm the piggie's back.

2. An aquarium is not a suitable cage no matter what the petstore says. The build up of ammonia fumes can make your piggie sick.

3. Vitamin C drops that the petstore tries to sell you are worthless. Do not buy them & do not add ANYTHING to your piggie's water. If your piggie gets high quality pellets & Vit. C through vegetables, he/she will be fine. You can also supplement with Vit.C tablets sold through if you want to make sure of Vit.C intake.

4. Never put a guinea pig in a rabbit cage with a wire bottom.

5. Never put a guinea pig in a cage with a rabbit.

Cavies are herd animals and do best with one of their own kind. Please consider getting a pair and please also consider adopting a couple of the many homeless guinea pigs out there. Check with your local animal shelter or a guinea pig rescue in your area for some really great pigs to adopt. You can find a rescue by visiting

A couple of great websites that have information regarding the care of guinea pigs are:

Good luck to you & I hope you get a couple of great piggies. They're such cool pets!

Ps. The post that said the teeth need to be trimmed every six months is INCORRECT. They do not need to be trimmed unless medically necessary--broken tooth, misalignment, etc. and it needs to be done by a VET.

Calling all guinea pig owners! Please help?

Calling all guinea pig owners! Please help?

You need to adopt or buy 2 guinea pigs. One by itsself will be lonely, and is not in the animal's best interest, it will be much healthier, happier, and more fun to watch if you have two.

You need the space - a 4ft by 2ft cage minimum is recommended. and a run for in the garden in the warmer months (but of course provide shade and shelter and fresh water at all times).

If you can prove to your parents that you can do all this, you are on the right track.

Print out lots of info on guinea pig care and show them that you are taking this seriously and intend to be a very good, responsible pet owner.

You could also see if there is a rescue centre nearby and VOLUNTEER to help them care for their rescued animals, either a couple of hours after school once or twice a week, or on a weekend.

That way you are also proving that you are willing to put the time and effort in to doing the less-fun bits, like cleaning out cages and feeding them etc.

Good luck!!!

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