Supply Management Month on March, 2024: USMC Aviation Supply?

March, 2024 is Supply Management Month 2024.

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USMC Aviation Supply?

In 1964-69, I was an enlisted Marine, MOS 3072 (Aviation Supply). The MOS was changed to 6672 about 13 years ago to bring it in line with all other Marine aviation related MOSs. The length of school is probably still 10 weeks.

As an officer, I flew Marine F-4 aircraft and later returned to the Aviation Supply field with a short stint at Athens where Marine and Navy Aviation Supply Officers are trained. Total time in Aviation Supply MOS 17 years as an officer (Captain through Major) in addition to my flying billet and other special staff billets (total 27 years).

You have to do well in the ASVAB and received a high GT score. Not every one can get into MOS 6672 due to its highly technical nature. The school is very professional. You will learn things such as stock control, repairable management (aircraft parts that can be repaired by the Intermediate Maintenance Activity or sent back to the depot), squadron supply support center functions and procedures, accounting procedures, warehousing procedures, and numerous other skills required to provide critical and rapid supply support for fixed aircraft, helicopters, and vertical takeoff aircraft. You will also be involved in automated data processing. So, No, not anyone can do the job. It is fairly technical requiring sound computer and basic math skills.

The squadron aircraft maintenance crews order parts and materiel that they need to return our tactical aircraft back to an operational ready status. Aviation supply has to anticipate their demand based on usage data, order sufficient parts and have them in stock so that those parts will be on the shelf when the maintenance Marines ask for them. Using our computer capability, aviation Marines track the status of critical supply parts and find ways to expedite their procurement and shipping. A particularly tough task when stationed in a combat zone like I was at one time!

Aviation supply school is very thorough and when the Marine leaves Athens GA, he/she will know how to perform every duty assignment within the Aviation Supply Department. If assigned to a Marine Expeditionary Union (MEU) attached to a Marine squadron (aboard ship), the aviation supply Marine has to know the ins and outs of getting aircraft parts from the ship's S-6 section (Navy aviation supply). Fortunately, sailors and Marines attend the same school in Athens. This help simplify the process.

You will be stationed either at Marine Corps Air Stations (Cherry Point, NC; Beaufort, SC; Miramar, CA; Kaneohe, HI; Iwakuni Japan; Futema Okinawa, combat zone, Edwards AFB, CA, NAS Lemoore CA). For short periods, you (6 months or less) may also be assigned to an aviation squadron or detachment deployed on Navy aircraft carriers or helicopter support ships. Your duty assignments will probably be at the Marine Aircraft Group (MAG) level (called Group Supply).

After your enlistment ends, you can find jobs in big box companies such as WalMart and Sears, NAPA auto parts stores, warehousing operations, aircraft manufacturers and aircraft component manufacturers, etc.. If you decide to make it a career and works toward getting a college degree, you can apply for warrant officer after you earn at least a two year degree (AA). If you do well as a warrant officer, you can then apply for limited duty officer (a commissioned officer) that could take you to Lieutenant Colonel. It is possible for LDOs to become full bird Colonels if they get their 4 year college degree - a couple friends of mine did that.

Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps - Retired (BS and MS degrees in engineering with the Corps paying for the MS degree at the Naval Postgrad School. Point is, lots of opportunity for those who excel in their MOS)

Hi, I want to do MBA on logistics and supply chain management in singapore. prefer some colleges..?

Hi, I want to do MBA on logistics and supply chain management in singapore. prefer some colleges..?

Australia's Curtin University offers Master of Logistics programme at its Singapore campus

I can't vouch for the validity of these, but they might help

Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Degree awarded by University of South Australia

Auston Institute offers an 18-month MBA in Logistics and Suppy Chain Management(Degree awarded by Coventry University, UK)

They say you need 2 years of work experience following graduation, but if you re mature candidate ( >25 years of age), exceptions could be considered on an individual basis

SP Jain also has a Global MBA with specialisation in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, but they require atleast 3 years of full-time work experience plus GMAT/CAT/SPJAT

Is a junior internship for a Supply Chain Management undergrad really that necessary?

Is a junior internship for a Supply Chain Management undergrad really that necessary?

I think a job candidate that has had an internship has a leg up over one without. And the months of intern experience will matter to the hiring co. No, it would not look good to hop around, though.

Although you think some of the jobs are "meaningless" they are all necessary ion a business and related to SCM.

If you cannot handle a job AND get good grades, then focus on the grades. Just remember the guys/gals that you are competing with that can do both will win.

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