Red Cross Month on March, 2025: American Red Cross question?

March, 2025 is Red Cross Month 2025.

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American Red Cross question?

First, the Red Cross doesn't buy tickets. And for a grandparent, the AER will only give a loan. He may have to consider not returning for the funeral or only flying himself and not the rest of the family.

It was heartbreaking, but I had to miss my grandfathers funeral for the same reason.

ETA: No worries... it happens. I know when my parents were in, the Red Cross did help with loans. But that was YEARS ago. Easy to forget what changes and what doesn't, especially in a family emergency.

American Red Cross?please help?

American Red Cross?please help?

The American Red Cross provides a range of services within the United States and its territories. These services include collecting and distributing blood products from donors to medical facilities, teaching health and safety classes (first aid, CPR), providing military service personnel with emergency support and communications home, and disaster services (a wide range of support for immediate, disaster-caused needs).

If you visit the American Red Cross' website you can locate a chapter near you and contact them to learn more about volunteering. I'm not aware of an age limit for volunteers, but some activities may not be possible (driving a Red Cross vehicle or handling funds) unless you are of legal age (and in the case of driving -- have a valid driver's license).

Something to consider is that volunteering calls for a commitment of time, effort, and an ability to be flexible, especially if you choose to become involved in disaster services. Below is a self-assessment used by the chapter with which I volunteer. It might be helpful.

"The American Red Cross has multiple volunteer opportunities that vary in skill level and time commitment. We want to help you decide if our organization is a good match for you. Please take a moment to answer for yourself, the following questions. Remember that volunteering is a commitment and it is important that you find a place to volunteer that best matches your skills and time availability.

1. Often people with good intentions are just too busy to volunteer. Most of our volunteer opportunities require a six to twelve month commitment. We rely on volunteers to meet the needs of our clients and customers as well as fulfill administrative gaps for the organization. Without reliable volunteers, the needs in our community would not be met.

Do you have time in your life now for this kind of commitment?

2. Many of our volunteer positions require that you take classes or receive training before you can begin volunteering. Some of these classes are only offered once per month and may take place during the day.

Is your schedule flexible enough to accommodate our training process?

3. We are looking for volunteers who possess certain skills/characteristics. Having these skills/characteristics will make for a more successful volunteer experience.

Do you consider yourself to be...

* A team player?

* A good communicator?

* Able to handle stressful situations?

* Able to take initiative?

4. Volunteering with our organization means that you will be working with people of different ages, socioeconomic, cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, and educational backgrounds.

Are you comfortable with people who are different from yourself?

5. The American Red Cross has seven Fundamental Principles. One of these is neutrality.

Are you able to keep your personal, religious, & political beliefs separate from your role as a volunteer?"

Volunteering with the Red Cross can be a very positive, life-changing experience. It can provide you with tremendously rewarding and fulfilling opportunities to help others in their moment of need.

I recommend volunteering with the Red Cross as they have a lot to offer, but also urge volunteers to tactfully speak up, present effective solutions to problems, and assume innocence on the part of others.

I wish you success in with your inquiry and I applaud your interest in such humanitarian work. Kind regards, Scott

(Cleveland) How much is Red Cross STNA Program?

(Cleveland) How much is Red Cross STNA Program?

The American Red Cross on Euclid Ave offers STNA classes, if your a single mother, and make little money you can sign up to get the classes paid for. If you go to their website (type in Cleveland Red Cross on yahoo) they will give you all the information. I know you have to go to an orientation first. Also in Parma on Ridge Rd theres a Nursing Home called Pleasent Lake Villa, they offer free STNA training classes once a month. Its a first come first serve deal, you just have to go in and fill out an application. They had classes start this past Monday, but will have more next month. And the last place I know (which classes are $900 and something dollars) is the Corprate College which is a branch off of Tri-C. You might be able to get a grant through them since they are part of Tri-C. Im in the same boat as you when it comes to looking for the STNA training for free. Good luck though!

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