Colic Awareness Month on March, 2025: Planned C-Section too early?

March, 2025 is Colic Awareness Month 2025. Colic Awareness Month — Simply Being Mommy colic awareness month

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Planned C-Section too early?

Contact the International Cesarean Awareness Network. They can help you make your decision:

What couldn’t you live without with a baby?

What couldn't you live without with a baby?

With my first, she had pretty bad colic, and since I cannot breastfeed (I would urge you to try, I did, but I was diagnosed with hypoplastic breasts and inadequate mammary tissue and won't ever be able to exclusively breastfeed) things that she NEEDED were;

-colic good bottles (we used Avent)

-swaddle blankets (with her, I went to a fabric store and bought just 1yard square pieces of fabric, finished the edges, and they worked great! Maybe a dollar a swaddle blanket.)

-pacifier (this helped with her spitting up)

-bassinet (this was a safe, flat place to lay her near me in whatever room I was in. You can tilt them if they have bad reflux, but putting them in a swing before they can sit up or bouncer isn't safe, and they can't sleep in them without it being risky, plus the sitting up position makes colic worse for a lot of babies.)

-Happiest Baby on the Block information (I got most of ours from online youtube but I also got the book from the library.)

-A baby chest carrier (I didn't have a good one for her, but the one I had she loved.)

With my son:

-a better baby chest carrier. (This became a LIFESAVER. If he was ever fussy I could put him right on me and he'd calm down and sleep, and so we never used the bassinet as a sleeping spot for him like we did with my daughter.)

-an exercise ball (if he didn't calm in the carrier then bouncing or rocking on the bouncy ball while he was in my arms or in the carrier would calm him fast.)

He didn't need pacifiers (I had stocked up on like 20 of them before he was born expecting him to, we gave them all to my great-nephew who was born 3 months after my son.) I eventually tossed the baby food maker I bought, it was just so pointless and I never used it. When it was time for babyfood I just mashed with a fork and fed them... rather than dealing with the little blender and mess. My son hated being swaddled (I had bought Aden and Anais swaddlers for him since he was a summer baby and they had some summer swaddlers that were very lightweight.) One hated swings, the other loved them, one hated bouncers, the other liked them.

Basically, most of the things I found worked with my baby were specific for that baby. I wouldn't tell someone to buy a bunch of expensive swaddlers unless they know their baby likes to be swaddled (and watch those hips.) Don't buy pacifiers unless they show they like them. The Happiest Baby on the Block gives great tools for those moments when you want to kill them, but doesn't work with every baby (my son didn't suck or swaddle.) The only thing I know of that both of my kids liked were baby-chest carriers and bouncing in them. So, I tend to recommend getting a good carrier or Wrap and a bouncy exercise ball (which has SO many uses as they grow that it's ridiculous.)

In defense of my bouncy ball. In the 3 years I've had it now we used it for pregnancy, sensory awareness (teaching baby to balance and hold his head and rolling him on it), as a rocking chair, as a bouncy seat (I'd hold him and bounce or rock), exercise (still use it for this!), and now pregnancy again. My kids play with it, love it, and I just can't imagine life without it at this point. It seems like a stupid thing to recommend, but it just is so useful. You can get a good burst resistant ball for like $30.

Add: We actually got a locking diaper pail, not diaper-genie. I think Diaper genie would have worked better and I regret not getting it, but even so the diaper pail is so much better than with my first and the house stunk ALL the time. So a diaper pail with a locking/sealing lid at least I do love.

25 weeks tomorrow and had horrible pains last night?

25 weeks tomorrow and had horrible pains last night?

Hi there

When i was pregnant with my son i got gallstones, it wasnt untill the last few months of pregnancy i was in agonising pain but just put it down to his feet being high etc, but once he was born the attacks came back 2 days after he was born i had one of my worst attacks, nothing helped the pain and i went on with this pain for a year after having him Drs said to me is was colic but whatever i did just did not help, they say women of child bearing age and women who are pregnant are more suseptable to getting gallstones, when i had bad attacks it was a pain on my right side radiating round to my back it felt like a tuggin twisting sensation and like i was being punched constantly i went all clammy couldnt concentrate and couldnt breathe properly, i will say i would have my son 10 xs over compared to ever having a gallstone attack again, it got diagnosed on a ultrasound after months of doctors fobbing me off i actually self diagnosed it after hours online and searching.

I was on codien the last few months as attacks were constant and so severe i was even taken to hospital at one point to just be told i had a bad bladder infection (unbelieveable is all i can say)

I am saying this because the pain started when i was about your stage in pregancy obviosly the pain got worse over the year and intially i even thought maybe it was labour i can now say it wasnt lol. If you are concerned do some reasearch on gallstones and gallbladder pain as pregnant women are very prone to them something to do with our hormones.

I had my gallbladder removed in May last year and it was a godsend the pain ruined my life for too long, i am now coming up 25 weeks pregnant with my second baby and can safley say i have no pains lol. Please go and get it checked as there is not enough awareness of gallstone i personally think.


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