Save Your Vision Month on March, 2024: Need ideas to save my marriage!?

March, 2024 is Save Your Vision Month 2024. Save Your Vision Month « Optometry Cares – The AOA Foundation Save Your Vision Month

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Need ideas to save my marriage!?

To keep your relationship working is another way of saying: to keep the passion alive and grow. Since the main problem/ cause for fights/ break-ups/ divorces in marriages/ relationships in the world is only one: different visions of love (each man and woman thinks he/she is right), they don't understand/ practice True Love, or they practice Self- Love. So the key to unity/ harmony/ True Happiness in relationships/ marriages/ parenting is only this: one vision of True Love between the two of u. If you both understand True Love fully, you will believe that there is one right answer to everything, just as there is only 1 set of right (highest) principles, just as there is only 1 God, just there can be only one, ultimate, indisputable way/ concept of loving: True Love.

Another characteristic of True Love that comes with True Marriage concept:

ONE, you both are more enthusiastic to please/ love is more important than to be pleased/ loved; TWO, you live for each other, that making the other person happier is more important than making yourself happier;

THREE, you complete/ complement/ help each other to become truly great people (more mature/ compassionate/ purposeful/ unselfish/ passionate/ romantic/ wiser).

True Love (1) brings people together, or grows passion for each other. Self-Love (2), or Selfishness, when you love yourself more than you love others, makes bring people apart or to lose passion for each other. Those are the only 2 kinds of loving that exist in this world (as abilities, not feelings).

Here are some characteristics about True Love, something that u both must agree on:

1. u understand each other's problems, moods, hang-ups, the most, believe each other the most

2. u both share the same sense of True Accomplishment/ Happiness/ Pride/ Purpose:”We live for the True Happiness of our future children”

3. u never stop impressing/ respecting each, in dresses, looks, smells, acts

4. u think about how to make your relationship more beautiful every day

5. u think about your growth, your mate’s growth plus the growth of your future children

6. u support/ encourage each other's potential, goals, aspirations.

7. u are all for each other, never fail, never let down each other, u will be standing by each other always

8. u make each other strong, stable, committed through hard times, changes, challenges

9. u inspire each other in work, thoughts, mind, imagination, creativity. Higher productivity for both. Your creative pores are the most opened. U reach your highest senses. Your focus is like a laser light. Your imagination is the greatest

10. u share the good & bad, the hopes & dreams, the amusing & serious times, the knowledge & experiences, u feel the most comfortable with each other

11. your bond grows the strongest, both are the most connected with, u are the greatest friend and lover to each other

12. u see each other the most in terms of your capabilities, talents, energies

13. u excite each other the most: u are both the most excited in planning things together, in doing things together. U both have the motivation/ excitement to grow and to learn something new, together.

14. u complete each other the most of needs and desires. U care for each other the most

15. u both are compassionate. U feel each other's problems, troubles, moods, needs, desires, grief from the opposite gender’s point of view, understanding them as if your own, while serving those necessities of others above your own. In time, u can sense something wrong without being told, can see/ hear/ feel with other person's eyes/ ears/ heart

16. above are the ingredients for growing passion for each other, for reaching completeness as a human being, for both to become one: in body, mind, heart, soul, vision.

If you decide to see a relationship counselor together, make sure find the best and right one, the one who understands the whole concept of True Love, fully. For example, someone with a faith background, like a priest, someone who understands a divine concept like True Love, because True Love was created by a Divine person: God.

Many counselors cannot help people, they just want the money, because the counselors themselves do not understand the concept of True Love the fullest, a perfect concept that covers all aspects of life, all the ultimate concepts:"How to be Romantic, True Happiness, True Marriage, True Relationship, True Parenting, True Friendship, True Purpose of Life, True Leadership, True Faith in God, and Kingdom of Heaven”. For example, many counselors with advanced degrees think that they are an expert in sex, but in reality, there is no greater sex/ relationship/ marriage/ parenting expert in the world than God, because God designed/ created sex, along with the other perfect concepts that come with True Love.

Email me if you need more info of True Love in terms of actions.

Does anyone know about world vision?

Does anyone know about world vision?

World Vision is a great organisation. You enroll with them to sponsor a child. It costs the price of say a dinner out, once a month, but it provides a child, and often that child's family with food, water, education, healthcare, & much more. Basically it is you being willing to donate a little of your money in order to save another's life.

You get to choose your sponsor child, with whom you correspond via letters in the mail. You also recieve photos and updates as to how they are going. It is a great way to make a difference in the world!

See for more info!

When is national optometry week?

When is national optometry week?

March is save your vision month. The first week is "save your vision week."

Also on this date Friday, March 1, 2024...