National On-Hold Month on March, 2025: Hold Month - What is the National Guard?

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What is the National Guard?

The national guard is a great place to learn "values", but it could really get in the way of your life at home. If you want the same, but still be able to hold onto a domestic life, I would suggest joining the army reserves. It is one weekend a month and I believe two weeks a year

army or national guard?

army or national guard?

Its hard to get an active duty position in the Army National Guard, unless your a recruiter, maybe office positions, or deployed.

Both have great opportunities for women. You can do ANYTHING, any MOS aside infantry.

If you want to go to school part/full time, want to be around your family more. National Guard is good. You could choose a Medical MOS, then go to school and further your education in your MOS field, its paid in full for and you get an extra $333 a month for "books" or whatever you need to buy.

Active army is good if you want a place to stay, place to eat, a full time, sure thing job. In my case i hated school, and had no place to live, so i joined the marines full time. i love it. Its really up to you.

Active deployment for national guard and army is the same when it comes to deploying overseas. But stateside, you dont have a sure-thing job in the National guard, they could cut you at anytime and just have you one weekend a month. Active army you have a daily sure thing job. So it is really up to you

Dont hold out and guarantee yourself a full time national guard job, they are really hard to get.

Swiss Resident, Indian national: Schengen question.?

Swiss Resident, Indian national: Schengen question.?

It will depend on the type of residence permit you are holding.

Long term residence permit holders (type B/C) may travel to the Schengen countries for tourist visits of up to 90 days in a 6 months period. If you hold a Swiss resident permit type L it would only grant authorization to travel to other Schengen countries if it would be valid longer than 4 months.

Edit: what femme fatale tells is wrong, the Schengen provisions are fully implemented in Switzerland since December 12, 2008. However passport controls are still taking place at airfields due to lack of constructional abilities to seperate into Schengen and non-Schengen flights at present. Therefore the full implementation will take place on March 29, 2009. The travel requirements however are identical regardless whether you travel by land or using a flight. You just have to show your travel documents on airfields whereas that is no longer required on land borders.



Don't trust general information of a commercial travel site.

Check what the Swiss government tells on Swiss residents permit and travel to other Schengen countries:

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