Cheerleading Safety Month on March, 2025: How can I get my backhandspring in a month?

March, 2025 is Cheerleading Safety Month 2025.

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Cheerleading Safety Month

Let's face it, cheerleading is a risky activity. Pom-poms, shorts, potentially slippery surfaces and plimsons go together to develop a recipe for disaster. Cheerleading Safety Month encourages adherence to rigorous safety guidelines around cheerleading, emergency response, taking care of concussion and injury avoidance. Take care, supporters!

How can I get my backhandspring in a month?

If it is that important to you I would recommend going to a gymnastics gym and getting a coach to help you with the form and mechanics of it. Once you do that you will feel more confident and your fear will slowly go away. If that isn't an option I would recommend trying it on a thick safety mat, so if you mess up you won't hurt yourself. Practice makes perfect. Best of luck to you, I hope this helps.

I got my Cartilage pierced today and for cheerleading i’m not allowed to have any piercings

I got my Cartilage pierced today and for cheerleading i'm not allowed to have any piercings. Do i take it out?

By July your piercings should be healed. Go to cheerleading practice w/o jewelry and just replace it, using clean technique when you get home. It'll be fine!

tips for a back tuck?

tips for a back tuck?

First of all, you did not give us your ability factor. Have you done any gymastics at all?

If yes, you must have had some coaching from someone who is knowledgable about the safety aspects of tumbling.

For safety sake, I would suggest that you do not pursue this on your own. You really need a professional spotter to coach you through this. Contact your local gym for individual tutoring.

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