National Social Work Month on March, 2025: what is the national child database?

March, 2025 is National Social Work Month 2025. Social Workers with a BSW Earn an MSW in as little as a year One-year program online through USC

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what is the national child database?

Another worthwhile Idea Labour will rave on about 4 a few months, then abandon after they've ploughed Millions in2 it!

It's the IT system 4 Social Serivices, like I say millions will B spent on it & as is usual with this wishywashy bunch, they'll shelve it B4 it even gets started.

army or national guard?

army or national guard?

just so you know you dont get paid hardly at all in the national guard, its like 200 a month, your family doesnt get any benefits either. the only good thing about it besides serving your country and deploying, is they pay for your college and if you pick the right job it will provide you with job training for the civilian side.

Go active duty and you and your wife will have free health care, free place to live, and you will make enough to help your parents.

Either way you will be deploying to iraq or afghanistan, i been in 3 yrs and already deployed twice.

If you dont care about the money or health care and just wanna serve your country part time, then as a national guardsmen you will live a normal civilian life, go do drills once a month in the same state you live in. You will deploy about once every 2 yrs.

I dont want social services - stressed HELP?

I dont want social services - stressed HELP?

Do not believe the answer that social services don't take babies without good cause. In the UK money is made when local councils meet adoption targets and privatised fostering agencies (often run by ex social workers) get up to £28,000 they secure for fostering. The Irish system is moving in the same direction though not quite there yet. Don't let them make you anxious. In the UK they will accuse you of mental illness and if you get angry, they will say you have an anger management problem. The system is totally corrupt. DO NOT give them any more information than necessary as they will twist it against you at a later stage. UK social services concocted a fabricated report of insinuations, exaggerations and absolute lies about us. We became so afraid, we fled to Eire but they found us there, passed the lies (plus some more) overseas and our baby was taken at birth. UK social services will even send people overseas to find you and do anything in their power to bring the child back or ruin your family. We now only have limited access, but had it been in the UK our baby would have been adopted for sure as the UK does forced adoption without parental consent.

UK social workers are trained to believe that it is okay to lie which they definately will. They have their conscience and empathy trained out of them by some very dubious neuro linguistic programming techniques. See links below -

Express Article link.

Stats + report + MP interview.

The fostering money chain.

Link to raid on my house.

Northampton Chron report 10-9-12.

A chronology of events with us can be read at though it stops before the point of the baby being taken as it may affect our legal position.

Also on this date Saturday, March 1, 2025...