Irish-American Heritage Month on March, 2024: American Heritage Month - Black History Month?

March, 2024 is Irish-American Heritage Month 2024.

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Black History Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month- September 15 to October 15

Native American History Month- November

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month- May

Irish American History Month- March

Italian American History Month- October

All of these races have suffered and have a month, why does everyone always complain about Black History Month?

Why is it that we have all these commemorative months...?

Why is it that we have all these commemorative months...?

This list is a reflection of some groups that have been historically marginalized, and there was a concerted political attempt to raise awareness about these people. Or, at the very least there was a dedicated group or organization that lobbied - effectively enough - to have their groups recognized with an official "month." For example, Scandinavians weren't necessarily marginalized, but descendant groups and heritage clubs remain pretty popular in this community.

But, you call out a group that you say "made America" and point to the list as those that "didn't"...which is silly. A lot of groups had a hand in creating this country. And I would argue that Japanese immigrants probably had less influence over the political and social structure of the US than just about every other group listed here. (I'm not putting them down, just stating a cultural and demographic fact).

And by the way, you left off Asian and Pacific American Heritage month, which would include Chinese and Japanese. And October 6 is German Heritage Day and you've also got Oktoberfest. There are also various locally observed Polish American Heritage days and months in different locations and states across the country.

And as far as the English go, the reality is this country was founded on rebelling British colonists severing ties to their motherland and kicking the redcoats out and eschewing any label of being "English" in favor of fostering a sense of separate "American" identity. And it is no doubt a commemoration enough that we are talking on a forum in English. If there was a population of English-Americans that had a sense of strong cultural identity as "English" then there would probably be more interest in this heritage. The reality is there isn't such a group. I've never heard Americans speak of their "English" identity and culture. personally. Have you?

How Many Celebrate Irish American Heritage Month?

How Many Celebrate Irish American Heritage Month?

a little bit more publicity would help people learn more about it.

Also on this date Friday, March 1, 2024...