National Umbrella Month on March, 2023: Rose-Tinted Spectacles?

March, 2023 is National Umbrella Month 2023. Umbrella Clip Art - Umbrella Month Clip Art - Free Umbrella Clip Art of National Umbrella Month

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Rose-Tinted Spectacles?

I purchased a pair of Versace glasses last month from this site

These guys offer designer brand eyewear and you can choose Tint/Transition /Essilor Transition Grey/HOYA Transition Grey/Polarisation Lens.

I chose normal transparent one, maybe you can have a look = )

No ideas about question 2. Sorry, can’t help = (

When does baseball season start and end, and BQ?

When does baseball season start and end, and BQ?

Late March through September for the regular season. October for the post-season.

Historically, it starts at the end of March or beginning of April and ends in late September or early October, depending on how the calendar falls. It used to be as late as mid-April, when the post-season was shorter, and they always finished the World Series during the month of October. In the last few years, the end of the World Series was scheduled in early November. This year, in an effort to return the "October Classic" to October (probably partially in fear of having November baseball in Minnesota's new outdoor stadium, not to mention Boston, New York, or Chicago), they moved the whole season up a few days. Now the season starts squarely in late March and ends squarely in late September. The post-season is entirely in the month of October. Unless they change the schedule again, that should remain true for the foreseeable future. Of course they are talking about some sort of realignment, in which case all bets are off.

BQ: The AL has a designated hitter that hits in place of the pitcher. The NL does not. The leagues started separately, but they have been run under the general umbrella of MLB for about a century now.

How much is the minimum I need to travel round the world for 12 months?

How much is the minimum I need to travel round the world for 12 months?

Follow this tried and true axiom -- if it doesn't fit in a back pack, you can live without it.

That worked for me until I began to clutter up my life with material possessions and Igot fat and lazy.

Life was so much simpler when I was a traveling man, and I really did get by quite well with only what I could put in my pack and tie on its frame (like my mountain tent, sleeping bag and a couple of tools --hatchet and spade).

Plan a wardrobe of layers, with two pairs pants/jeans, two outer shirts, sweater/sweatshirt, coat/parka, hiking or walking boots/shoes which you wear and a pair of sneakers or sandals you can pack. Socks and undies. Basic toiletries kitbag. Umbrella. Hat.

You can buy more stuff as you need.

You can find work along the way, often for pay and a place to stay.

You can even start with a season on a cruise line, and earn money, get to travel, and make contacts along the way.

You can get work in resorts, particularly good in remote national parks where the employer has to furnish housing.

Source: my experiences.

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