Drum Month on May, 2024: Drums.?

May, 2024 is Drum Month 2024. 2011 International Drum Month Campaign Gearing Up! « PlayDrums.com ... 2011 International Drum Month

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I would DEFINATELY recommend the M Birch over the imperialstar anyday. If you already had a beginner set then don't waste your money on another one with crappy cymbals. The M Birch is a great quality intermediate drum kit that sounds a MILLION times bette\r, I realize that money may be an issue but even if you need to use your current cymbals for a few months until you can save up to buy good quality cymbals (i just bought one every 2 months for a year and now I have an incredible line up), it would be worth it. you would be very surprised the difference good quality instruments can make.

If you are looking for a cymbal pack I would recommend the following (in order)(they are expensive but will save you the job of matching the right cymbals up):

got drums a month ago...?

got drums a month ago...?

I've been drumming since I was 4... 16 years! My only advice is practice practice practice!

Toyota brake drums...?

Toyota brake drums...?

If it really is rust on the interior of the drums that is making the noise it will probably wear off after awhile. However, the brake shoes will probably be wearing away at an accelerated rate too, as well as more of the braking surface material of the brake drum itself. This condition usually makes a noise that is similar to grinding because that is what is actually happening. At the very least you should remove the drums and clean away as much of the rust as you can and remove all dust. Brake linings used to contain asbestos (I don't know if they still do), so be very careful NOT to inhale ANY of the dust. Wipe any dust, rust from the brake shoe with a clean DRY cloth. Do not allow the linings to become contaminated with liquid of any kind.

Keep in mind that as long as you can hear the grinding sound, the grinding effect is still occurring and if the brake shoes and drums are still serviceable continued use in this condition could require their replacement. Last, but perhaps of greatest importance, if the wear of the drum braking components exceeds the limits of the self adjustment mechanism you may experience complete brake failure. This actually happened to me once, but in addition to losing brakes, the brake on that wheel locked and that wheel skidded for quite a long distance even though I was only going 35 mph at the time. Lucky for me I was not on the freeway!

Also on this date Wednesday, May 1, 2024...