National Bike Month on May, 2024: Please help me. Which bike will be good?

May, 2024 is National Bike Month 2024.

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Please help me. Which bike will be good?

A dream bike is one which you see/read about for the first time & fall in love with. You say to yourself, no matter what, even if the world turns upside down, I'll buy this bike. So when you say in your question "I hope you will help me to find a dream bike for me.", you are actually insulting the word "dream bike." Don't use words you don't understand. Its like posting an advertisement in a matrimony asking the world to help you choose your dream girl.

Honda Stunner is the least powerful bike among the 4 you mention. Its in a different class. Has least power and will give you the best mileage. Looks are good though.

Apache RTR 180 is one brilliant piece of engineering. Has front & rear petal discs (petal discs are offered by Yamaha in the R15 & FZ race kit package) that have real good biting power, 17.3 PS engine power, lap timer, top speed recorder, new colour white looks awesome, exhaust note is powerful. Has wider tyres too.

Yamaha Fazer is a useless, expensive bike. Costs around 80,000 & gives you nothing more than if the world is a fashion show. Has a poor 14bhp engine, wide tyre that kills all top speed & mileage, returns only around 40-45 kmpl & any bike can thrash it. Purchase Fazer only it you are a slow rider driving only in the city. It is the worst value for money bike.

I'm fed up with the Pulsar. Its so old....2009 comes & Bajaj does some cosmetic job in it. Split grab pillion handle & fuel tank scoops from P200. But it has got a revised engine. Develops 17 PS (which still is less than RTR 180) and has got much wider tyres now. Other things are old. Hasn't got rear disc brakes....& I'm personally bored of watching that bike for so many years.

Among the 4 you mention, Stunner is the smoothest to drive, but the least powerful. It looks good & Honda means reliability & performance. Actually, it isn't a good idea comparing that bike with 180cc machines.

Fazer is a strict no.

Between RTR 180 & P180, its all upto you. There are people loyal to the Bajaj brand & people loyal to the Apache. Apache is more powerful, has rear disc brakes which the P180 hasn't. Apache RTR 180 has wider front & rear tyres, much focused racing design. In short, Apache has more goodies than P180.

It really is a close call between the two. Personally, I'd pick the RTR 180 any day because if you operate the pulsar series in high rpm range for months, give a lot of stress on the suspension & chassis, not to mention the brakes, the bike will not last for more than a year or two. It will start degrading, losing its power, thrust. Bottom line is it isn't as reliable & trustworthy for extreme usage as the RTR 180 (this I know because I've a Fiero F2 & friend has an Apache RTR Fi160).

I'd recommend the RTR 180.

My friend drives his RTR Fi160 real crazy, madly. The bike has never complained. Hell my Fiero F2 still rocks (considering its 150 cc 12bhp engine & only 4 gears). And I've seen CBZ Xtreme's, Hunk's & Pulsars who have grown old so quickly, its unbelievably shocking how poor quality & less life their engines have.

There isn't a single race in the country which the TVS racing team hasn't won. And the only company to give them serious competition in the races is Yamaha. Starting from the Fiero series, TVS has put a lot of its racing heritage in the Apache series. And if a record 5 time National Motocross winner, as well as a Deming prize winner makes a bike with all its heritage, quality will be in its DNA. Go for RTR 180. It is a good bike.

Make sure to test ride all the 4 bikes you mention. Maybe the Fazer will suit you best....its just that it is severely overpriced.

And don't use sentences like "Please help me" in your question. You sound like a beggar. You are on Yahoo! Answers. People are here to help & they will answer your question. Don't beg.

All the best for your purchase.

best months to visit seattle, washington?

best months to visit seattle, washington?

Anytime in the Summer. On occasion, Mt. Rainier is closed due to too much snow, (could be all of that global warming.) There is a National Park website you can go to that alot of information. There are several campgrounds where you can make reservations ahead of time or not reserve and take your chances on the kind of spot you get. But, a drive to "the almost top" is a must. A hike, (if you are in good cardio condition) to a basecamp is possible and they have many mountain guides. All of this info is found through links on the National Park site.

In the Winter, it's virtually impossible to get up there and Seattle, (aside from last week) is pretty rainy as you know. So, the late Spring and Summer is the best time to visit. it's warm, clear and beautiful. Last Summer, July and August were rain free and averaged 72-80 degrees almost every day. Viola!

Update on Fuji Road Bike?

Update on Fuji Road Bike?

I remember seeing the original question - but opted not to answer. If the bike had been sitting there for 2 to 3 months as you stated, my guess is the owner either left town or is in jail. No joke.

You did the right thing by posting it on craigslist. And the new tires was added incentive for the original owner to come & get it. I'd have to say you did all that can be reasonably expected & more. Enjoy your bike. I would register it with the National Bike Registry.

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