National Inventors Month on May, 2024: You think we would just have a "Minority history month" rather than just black?

May, 2024 is National Inventors Month 2024. nimposter.jpg nimposter.jpg

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You think we would just have a "Minority history month" rather than just black?

No, and for this reason. We don't have national holidays for every inventor, innovator, or leader.

The original purpose of black history month was to inspire young minds. Now i learned about Eli Whitney's cotton gin, and how George Washington Carver milled peanuts, but the reason we have black history month is to ensure young minds regardless of color know that with perseverance and hard work, they can have the acclaim like Thomas Edison, Alexander Bell, Ben Franklin Henry Ford.

The notion was to show that achievers are rewarded. This is one of the founding fathers dreams, and the root of conservatism.

I do think a point to ponder, are there any days off to observe industrialists or inventors, no, and if there was, wouldn't it be irony?

Black History month came about in my lifetime, I saw the early grumblings, and I also grew up, learned that my good co-workers and neighbors came in the same colors as my bad.

I would never denigrate achievement, I strive for it everyday, some times I fall, just learn

The truth is we should take more time to recognize where our roots came from as a nation, my grandfathers both came here from Germany after WW1. Because they could, they had a hard start, nobody liked Gerry back in the 1920s they had prejudice too. Make all realize, we are either in this together, or we are puchinged!

The democrat party and their reliance on votes from minorities to keep them down, is bull, we have to show them we realize. This is why the democrats despise a Herman Cain, Colonel West or Ben Carson. Are not these men exactly why black history month exists?

A successful businessman, a man who worked his way to a full bird in the armed forces, a doctor who is an innovator. Democrats shun these men, why, because they prove you can break the mold

Why is "Black History Month such a big deal?

Why is "Black History Month such a big deal?

Who is they? I mean this quite seriously.

The pronoun "they" when unattributed is a red flag that someone thinks of themselves as a powerless victim of the system.

In the case of Black History Month, the "they" is a "he": Carter G. Woodson.

"What we now call Black History Month was originated in 1926 by Carter Godwin Woodson as Negro History Week. The month of February was selected in deference to Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln who were both born in that month.

The son of a slave, Carter G. Woodson was born in New Canton, Virginia on December 19, 1875. He began high school at the age of 20 and then proceeded to study at Berea College, the University of Chicago, the Sorbonne, and Harvard University, where he earned a Ph.D. in 1912.

Carter G. Woodson founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History in 1915 to train Black historians and to collect, preserve, and publish documents on Black life and Black people. He also founded the Journal of Negro History (1916), Associated Publishers (1922), and the Negro Bulletin (1937). Woodson spent his life working to educate all people about the vast contributions made by Black men and women throughout history. Mr. Woodson died on April 3, 1950 and Black History Month is his legacy.

Carter G. Woodson, however, would be sad to know that out of all the hundreds of Black men and women who produced so many substantial inventions (from the development of crop rotation, the traffic light, the mail box, gas mask, fountain pen, typewriter, telegraph, golf tee, automatic gear shift, commode toilet--- to the method of dry cleaning clothes, the electric lamp, and the automatic car coupler and air brake for the railroad) benefiting this country, only four Black inventors have been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio. "

Text By Frankie Cox for the United States Patent and Trademark Office

BTW the **** word is historical word " N E G R O "

Why is there only a black history month, february?

Why is there only a black history month, february?

Ok..this was in my local paper yesterday, I agree with it and I think it explains a lot:

A frequent complaint about Black History Month is that there is no corresponding White History Month.

From many vantage points, the reason for this is obvious. The history of white folks in this country is, well, the history of the country as it’s often explained in textbooks, taught in classrooms and otherwise prepared for mass consumption.

The contributions of black men, women and children to the development, culture and character of the United States have been under-reported, under-emphasized and underestimated during the totality of our 232-year history.

A month to remember and celebrate those contributions helps bring to the local and national consciousness the benefits of the diversity of our great nation. Just think of the ways the United States would suffer if all of these contributions were erased from our history.

Black artists, thinkers, business people, professionals, inventors, performers, athletes, educators, leaders and a host of others — whether nationally or locally famous — have played irreplaceable roles in making America what it is today.

In addition to these shining stars from the black community, African-Americans have helped forge the underpinnings of this country through hard labor — some of it forced and unpaid during the most inglorious era of our nation.

Blacks have also contributed rich strands of tradition and ways of life to the social fabric of our society. From the food we eat, to the music we listen to, to the books we read and the TV programs that we watch, the influence of black culture is profound and truly inseparable from the mainstream.

When it comes down to it, black history is indeed part of everyone’s history. One month set aside to celebrate it isn’t nearly enough.

Also on this date Wednesday, May 1, 2024...
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