National Vinegar Month on May, 2023: has anyone heard that apple cider vinegar lowers cholesterol?is that true?

May, 2023 is National Vinegar Month 2023. Dietitians Online Blog: May, National Vinegar Month May, National Vinegar Month

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has anyone heard that apple cider vinegar lowers cholesterol?is that true?

Hi. I wouldn't recommend it. Here's why.

The problem is that it's a "forced" treatment and disrupts the body's refined homeostatic mechanism. Excess of one thing creates a loss of something else. A common example is that birth control pills deplete a number of essential vitamins. Another is calcium: Conventional medicine has finally caught up with the fact that women who take calcium become depleted in phosphorus. Now calcium-phosphorus (and sometimes zinc) combos are recommended.

My mother-in-law (otherwise healthy and active) took a tablespoon of vinegar daily for 6 months, recommended for weight loss. It worked. Only, within a few years she developed liver cancer and died a short time later (at a young age, with no genetic predispositions). I connect the two, the vinegar having created a susceptibility in compromising her liver.

The best way to lower cholesterol is through a whole foods diet, healthy weight loss (especially if you're older than 30, definitely if you're in your 40's or 50's), and exercise - a daily, brisk one-hour walk. Weight Watchers provides sound guidance regarding lifestyle (thus, weight loss). Some people have a genetic predisposition to develop cholesterol; others don't. Emotional stress impacts metabolism, therefore cholesterol.

Incorporate any needed lifestyle changes for 6 months. If you're doing all the right things and still have high cholesterol, I'd recommend homeopathy, which is a natural way to heal in both mind and body, including any metabolic dysfunction.

If you decide to see a homeopath, be sure to find someone certified as a Professional Homeopath (the national directory in North America is at ). Otherwise, lots of people say they do homeopathy, but they know first-aid and acute care, not the skill level required for the constitutional workup you might need.

This probably wasn't the answer you wanted. I'm in the business of health education. I have a holistic family practice and a background in nutrition, so speak from more than 25 years experience.

Someone switched my birth control for some ineffective pill and now I’m pregnant

Someone switched my birth control for some ineffective pill and now I'm pregnant, what herbs should i take

well as of for me i dont think you should try to take any herbs because it might cause some harm but i heard that driking vinegar will make yo have a misscarige but that sounds too yucky

What is Armenian food?

What is Armenian food?

Armenia- one of the most famous national dish is "KHASH"\

Khash is a traditional Armenian dish wich now is enjoyed as a festive winter meal, usually by a company of men. It should be consumed during the month that has an 'r' in its name . Khash remains a purist meal with great parsimony in ingredients.

The main ingredient in khash is cow's feet, although other cow parts, such as the head . The feet are depilated, cleaned, and boiled in water all night long, until the water has become a thick broth and the meat has separated from the bones. No salt or spices are added during the boiling process. The dish is served hot. One may add salt, garlic, lemon juice, or vinegar according to one's tastes. Dried lavash(armenian thin bread ) is often crumbled into the broth to add substance. Khash is generally served with a variety of other foods, such as hot green and yellow peppers, pickles, radishes, cheese, and fresh herbs. The meal is almost always accompanied by preferrably mulberry vodka and mineral water.

There is much ritual involved in khash parties. Many participants abstain from eating the previous evening, and insist upon using only their hands to consume the unusual (and often unwieldy) meal. Because of the potency and strong smell of the meal, and because it is so often enjoyed in conjunction with alcohol, khash is usually eaten on the weekend or on holidays.

How to tell if you are in an Armenian restaurant...

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