APS Awareness Month on May, 2024: College chancesadvice? Thank you :)?

May, 2024 is APS Awareness Month 2024. little love blue: june is aps awareness month... june is aps awareness month.

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College chances/advice? Thank you :)?

Go on college confidential and you'll find a bunch of people very happy to chance you on one of their forums :) you seem to be on track :) your ECs are amazing. My only critique is that your ECs don't really line up with your intended major. I think you'll be good as far as getting in. Btw familiarize yourself with how the California schools calculate your high school GPA (they don't count freshman year and use a max of 4 APs)

I know there are a ton of these questions, but what are my chances of getting into Yale?

I know there are a ton of these questions, but what are my chances of getting into Yale?

Okay, I am going to make this short and sweet? I definitely think applying to Yale would not waste your time, however:

1. Without a hook, there are thousands of other applicants applying that are just like you, some with even better stats and last time I checked the acceptance rate for Yale was around ten percent.

2. If you can get a 2300 on the SAT, that is great! 2200 seems to be a little below average for students applying and being accepted to Yale, even though it is a great score.

3. See if there are any competitions in your are for Biology - if that is definitely what you want to major in, Yale probably will like seeing some interest in that major.

4. Demonstrate leadership. I would start the club, or at least try to get yourself in a position of leadership for any of the ECs that you do. This is probably going to sound harsh, but Yale generally doesn't want people who like being behind the scenes. Starting a club is really quite impressive.

5. As a random tip, your essay is going to change a million different times. You have about ten months/a year until people start to think about that.

6. Strengthen your ECs and try to dedicate your time to the areas that you are interested - like music and becoming a vet.

7. Try to be close to two different teachers, it would be great if one of them was your bio teacher, because when it comes time for recommendation letters you will want one that is really strong.

I'm pretty sure you can get into Yale - just remember how fiercely competitive it is and there are kids out there who are probably willing to kill a man to go to a school like that. Good luck! Try to relax, too, you've got loads of time.


Chances of getting into USC?

Chances of getting into USC?

Sounds like you're doing a great job! Junior year can be stressful with the coursework, standardized tests, extracurriculars, and college searching. Just make sure you dedicate enough time to studying and having some fun still. Do any of the schools on your list have summer programs for high school students? That would seriously help you get your foot in the door and you'll already be in their school records. Also start to think about what you'll write for your college essay. I think my essay seriously helped me get into my top schools since my volunteer work experiences related to what I plan to major in. Hope this helps and good luck!

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