National Family Month on May, 2023: AT&T National 550 FamilyTalk plan?

May, 2023 is National Family Month 2023. What is National Family Month National Family Month provides

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AT&T National 550 FamilyTalk plan?

it sounds confusing but I think I understand. My family does have that plan, and I have 200 messages a month for $5 so it is possible. I recommend going to I think the formatting of the purchase is much easier to understand on there.

National Guard?

National Guard?

National Guard trains generally one weekend a month, and two weeks a year. Your first step is to go to a Nat. Guard Recruiter and explore your options. Ask him/her to put you into contact with various units so that you can perhaps make a visit to them so you can talk to people from those units and see if what they do is in your interest. Then you will have to decide on an MOS (Military Occupational Specialty). This is Military Police, Quartermaster, etc. Then you will got to MEPS and get your physical done and all of your paperwork finalized and then within one year, you will go to basic training (you usually get to pick the date you go). Basic training is about 10 weeks and your AIT (Advanced Individual Training will vary depending on the job you are being trained for). You can do what is called "Split Option" where you go to basic, come home and go to school or whatever and then go to your AIT later withing 1 year of completing basic.

After Basic Training and AIT you report to your unit.Your weekend is called "drill" where you show up Saturday and do Physical Training for about an hour and then general mission training the rest of the day until 4 or 5. Sunday is usually the same. Your 2 weeks is called AT (Annual Training) where you head out to an Army post or someplace and conduct intensive readiness training. You have to qualify on your weapon once a year (maybe more depending on your command), and you have to pass a Physical Training (PT) Test twice a year. Look up "Army APFT Satndards" in yahoo and you should find a chart to tell you what you need to do.

The Benefits: You will more than likely get a bonus of up to $20,000. You get 100% tuition Assistance for in-state schools and if you already have a scholarship, they will match it and cut you a check that goes into your pocket. Also, you are eligible for the GI Bill and Kicker which gives you up to $509.00 a month while you attend school in addition to tuition assistance. You get paid for basic training (between 2,000 and 3,000 depending on your rank). You also get paid for drills and AT. You get $400,000 life insurance for $29/month if you want it and it covers you wheather you are on or off duty.

The best benefit is knowing that you are serving your community, State, and Country and that you are in a position that less that 1% of all Americans are willing to commit to. It is the American Soldier NOT the Constitution who gives the American People their freedom. As a National Guard Soldier, you are a guardian of freedom and the American Way of Life. You are a servant to the people of this great Nation and as such YOU have an active role in securing the blessings of liberty for not only your family, your children and their children, but to the children of strangers who are not willing or physically able to sacrafice what you are willing to give.

National Guard Questions?

National Guard Questions?

The National Guard as you might have found out by now is a segment of the U.S Army that operates under the governor of your state. Which is awesome because you get benefits from both military and state. What the recruiters were probably telling you is the wide selection of mos's (jobs) in the Army that you can go for which i'm sure can be similar to what you want to do in college. The jobs that will be open to you will depend on different factors but primarily the asvab test which depending on your score will tell you the list of jobs you qualify for.

You don't have to be put on "front line action" when in fact, the army which like i was saying before offers a ton of different mos's in where you don't even have to be near danger. Yes there is always the chance of deployment, but that's just a part of the deal which isn't bad.

For personal outlook on it, i'm not a member of the Guard, but in the Army active. I have been deployed once and have seen some action, but that's just my mos, you don't have to be in those spots. The paycheck in the National Guard isn't something you can live off seeing how your only doing part time, but again the benefits for that are amazing. You can check some of those out here:

As for what kind of person i am. I loved high school and college. I always knew everybody and made the most of it. I always knew my plan was to join the Army after college just because it was what i always wanted to do. The military can offer you a lot and the National Guard is defiantly a great path too take. You won't be joining during your senior year of high school though, you have to wait until you graduate and get your diploma. The rest you have pretty spot on. You don't work much, only a weekend a month and an additional 2 weeks i believe as a refreshing course.

You sound like your leaning towards it and seriously its a great choice to take. goodluck

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