Teen CEO Month on May, 2023: Fund raising ideas for teens?

May, 2023 is Teen CEO Month 2023. teen CEO In celebration of Teen CEO Month,

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Fund raising ideas for teens?

The best option if you are under the legal working age limit is to request a church, school organization or non-profit who is established and a legitimate fund raising organization to help you with and to hold the fundraiser on your behalf.

Many organizations are glad to support the education of students and you might even find out that they are willing to contribute a portion or all of the money that you need to make the trip. Friends and extended family members may be able to contribute the balance which is less that would need to be raised if you needed any!

Ask around locally and you will normally find what you need for the amount that you have to raise.

Chris Manning, CEO

You make a living by what you make; you make a life by what you give...

Any good 16+ Teen Clubs on NYC? Dancing Clubs? EASY 10 POINTS!!?

Any good 16+ Teen Clubs on NYC? Dancing Clubs? EASY 10 POINTS!!?

After buying up all of the world’s available resources, China is looking for a new array of assets to swipe under their rug. Now the Far East has set its aims on the Internet and is looking to begin with buying what’s left of Web giants Yahoo!

Alibaba Group, the Hangzhou-based computer company, has retained former Reagan administration Secretary of Staff Kenneth Duberstein’s lobbying firm, Duberstein Group Inc., to help ink out a deal between the Chinese e-commerce corporation and the search engine giants.

Silicon Valley’s Yahoo! owns a 40 percent stake in Alibaba, but the Chinese firm’s CEO, Jack Ma, has discussed not just buying out their stake but absorbing Yahoo! as a whole. Earlier this month, Ma told Bloomberg News that talks of a deal had been put on hold due to “political issues,” but by putting a former White House insider inside the discussions, tensions could be smoothed between the two sides to enough of a point to sign the papers.

"The national security concern is sometimes just an excuse for commercial concerns for any country, but certainly for the United States," Mark Natkin, managing director of Beijing-based Marbridge Consulting, tells Reuters. "I don't think there should be a big concern (for Alibaba buying Yahoo). Users may share or keep as much data as they like.

"If they subscribe to Yahoo and (they know) Yahoo is owned by a Chinese company, they are going to have to make the decision themselves," Natkin adds.

Is there an online support for parents of Asperger teens?

Is there an online support for parents of Asperger teens?

There are plenty of forums out there. I happen to run one, but will not say which one. The only source I would advise against is Autism Speaks. There has been a lot of cotraversies surrounding them.

Autism Speaks was founded by Bob and Suzanne Wright; Bob is the chairman and CEO of NBC Universal and the chairman and executive officer of General Electric. He and his wife, have had a public falling out with their daughter who is raising their autistic grandson as evidenced by their daughter's appearance on Oprah in April 2007 regarding this public falling out.

Allison Tepper Singer, Vice President of Communications for Autism Speaks, discussesd how she felt when she took her child to a regular school which was going to accommodate her autistic child in a special education classroom with 5 other children, one teacher and two educational assistants. She said. "[quote] I remember that was a scary moment for me when I realized I had sat in the car for about 15 minutes and actually contemplated putting Jody in the car and driving off the George Washington Bridge. That would be preferable to having to put her in one of these schools [end quote]."

It was only because of her other child, Allison Tepper Singer said, that she didn't go through with the murder-suicide.

Autism Ontario pulled an Autism Speaks very video from their website months ago after discussions with their board members and members of the autism community precisely for its negativity towards autism and autistics.

I have heard from people "on the inside" that Autism Speaks' goal is to fund genetic tests for autism to encourage people to abort those who have autistic genes in utero to eliminate autism from the world. Simply having autistic genes does NOT mean a person will present with autism.

It should be noted that the PR firm who designs Autism Speaks' ad campaigns (BBDO) is the same one that has created the defamatory Ransom notes campaign in New York in which the ads claim that people are "Held Hostage" to Autism and Asperger Syndrome.


The ads make it seem as though ALL autistics and AS people are helpless idiots and that by paying for services, they can be cured.

Autism has been proven to be genetic in origin and cannot be cured.

I run forums for over 700 Aspies, and one forum for parents of autistics. All are firmly agreed that Autism Speaks is a poor entity to be "advocating" for autistics.

My own letters to Autism Speaks were replied to with contempt and derision, so I know that they are open to no other opinions but their own.

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