Asthma Awareness Month" on May, 2025: whats causes coughing fits and shortness of breath plus wheezing and what treatment is available?

May, 2025 is Asthma Awareness Month" 2025. Asthma Information‎ What Is Asthma? Learn More About Symptoms & Triggers. Visit Here.

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whats causes coughing fits and shortness of breath plus wheezing and what treatment is available?

It sounds like asthma.

May is Allergy Awareness Month for good reason.

There are inhalers called albuterol that can be helpful if you are having an attack. I don't think you can buy them over-the-counter anymore, you may need to see the doctor to get one. If your drugstore still carries them over-the-counter, I believe one brand is called, Primatine Mist. There are prescription and over the counter tablets that you can take. Your doctor may also have you use a nebulizer.

Why is that people complain about Black History Month but dont complain about the other months?

Why is that people complain about Black History Month but dont complain about the other months?

I think it is retarded to have a black history month. Most of those other things you listed are to raise awareness for things like disorders and illnesses.

The jews were treated worse then the blacks more recently and they don't have a holocaust month. Atheists and every religion other than catholics were tortured in the Spanish Inquisition. Do they have a month? White people get the most disadvantages nowadays and we don't have a month.

If you don't believe me go look at the requirements for standardized testing, if you are white you have to score higher on your exam in order to pass. High schools are allowed to have a Minority Student Union, Ebony Club, Black Honor Society. White clubs are not allowed due to racism. White people have a harder time getting on government assistance. I have tourettes and Autism and I am unable to get on government assistance. My disability lawyer even said (in joking) "too bad you are not black, then it would be easier to get you ssi". There is a channel called BET and a magizine called Ebony. Do you see a white magazine or a white only tv channel? They even have their own award shows that only give awards to black actors, singers, etc. They are allowed to call themselves the "N" word without getting in trouble.

Now I expect to get thumbs down. But just ponder this. If my yahoo avater was black would you have thumbed me down for saying these things? probably not.

What more can be done to promote awareness of Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease?

What more can be done to promote awareness of Children's Interstitial Lung Disease?

Unfortunately, you are waging an uphill battle. First, let me tell you I am an adult who is terminally ill with interstitial lung disease. As a youngster, it was believed I had asthma. Many children in the US have been diagnosed with asthma, but that diagnosis is incorrect. Many of these children actually have interstitial lung disease. The improper diagnosis comes from GP and FP physicians who do not have the expertise to diagnose interstitial lung disease. As a matter of fact, many adults are misdiagnosed as well. To obtain a proper diagnosis, a pulmonary specialist orders chest xrays, CT scans, and biopsies before a diagnosis is rendered and treatments begin.

In order to bring attention to your cause, you first need to educate the medical community and have them refer cases instead of providing incorrect diagnosis. Secondly, you are fighting asthma and cystic fibrosis charities (they get the most airplay). Your particular cause will take a backseat to these two charities until finite numbers are produced on how many children are affected and more importantly, how many die because of a lack of viable treatment.

The problem you face is the same as any other cause. People only have so much money to spend, and the charities that do the best job of promotion garner the most money. You could lobby the NIH and perhaps the American Lung Association to see if they may assist you in your work. The NIH provides valuable research dollars and the American Lung Association is supposed to help with all lung diseases. Good luck with your worthy cause, but don't hold your breath (no pun intented). I have been working for the past 3 years on getting word out for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (this disease kills 50,000 people every year in just the US alone) and still most people have never heard of it. Just keep fighting the good fight and if you end up educating just one person at a time, that's OK. That's better than no education at all.

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