Grapefruit and Kiwi Month on May, 2024: What are some great finger foods for a 7 month old?

May, 2024 is Grapefruit and Kiwi Month 2024. Grapefruit Kiwi Salad 1 grapefruit, peeled and

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What are some great finger foods for a 7 month old?

After 12 months the variety of foods he can eat expands. But here are some options of foods for his age:

Flakes of cooked salmon

Toasted sweet potato sticks

Small cubes of very ripe mango

Gerber fruit and veggie puffs

Fig Newton, broken into small peices

Oyster Crackers

Diced kiwi

Slivered strawberries

Cooked chickpeas, blackbeans, or soybeans, mashed

Diced peices of well cooked carrots

Diced ripe avocado

Small Jell-O cubes

Small peices of string cheese

Cooked corn kernals

Well-cooked string beans, cut in tiny peices

small cubes of seedless watermelon

Veggie burgers, in bite-size peices

Cut-up fish sticks

Small squares of tofu

Small peices of grapefruit

Meat loaf or meatballs will applesauce for dipping

Whole-wheat mini pancakes or waffles, quartered

Cubed banana rolled in rice krispies

Broken up muffins

Before age 1, cut foods into tiny, bite-size peices, about the size of a pea or your pinkie fingernail. Quarter grapes, slice blueberries, dice cooked carrots, break up crackers, and so on.

Once your son can gum and hold his snacks and has some more teeth (generally around age 1), cut foods into strips about the length and thickness of his pinkie fingernail.

Start with the single-food options to make sure he doesn't have a allergic reaction. Once he's had meatball and applesause separately, for example, then he's ready to eat them together.

Don't worry if each and every item you feed your tot isn't superhealthy. Sometimes the taste and texture experience is more important. For example, while Jell-O is pretty much void of nutrition, this is one texture he'll love.

Avoid egg whites, peanut butter, and honey until after age 1.

Stay away from these chocking hazards: hot dogs, hard or gummy candy, gum, whole nuts, raisins, and any dried-fruit peices, popcorn, and seeds.

And the number one rule: Always watch your tot when he's eating any kind of finger food, even if it's something he's had a million times.

Don't forget to get the camera ready and have plenty of wipes on hand. Hope this helps and have fun! =)

weight loss in 2 months help!?

weight loss in 2 months help!?

The body is designed to walk. Research shows that slow, rhythmic movement exercise, such as walking, resets your body’s weight set point and creates a thin, lean body. A one-hour walk everyday will change your body dramatically in as little as one month.

Eat a big breakfast

It is interesting to note that 80 percent of the people who are overweight eat a small breakfast or none at all. Eighty percent of thin people eat a large breakfast. Your breakfast should consist of as much as you want of the following items. Everything listed should be organic. Apples, pears, berries, kiwis, pineapples, grapefruit, plums, peaches, prunes, figs, rye bread, raw butter (raw means not pasteurized and not homogenized), raw milk, plain yogurt (this means no sugar or fruit), wild smoked salmon, beef in any form as long as it’s organic, chicken in any form as long as it’s organic, lamb in any form as long as it’s organic, tuna, sardines, eggs, tomatoes, peppers, salsa, celery, carrots, any vegetable, potatoes in limited amounts, coffee in limited amounts made with pure water not tap water with raw milk or cream and raw evaporated sugar cane juice or honey as a sweetener, real tea (not tea in tea bags).

Eat a huge salad at lunch & dinner

I don’t care if your lunch is a cheeseburger, French fries, and a pint of ice cream, add to it a big, huge salad and eat that first. You’ll be amazed that you lose weight. The salad can contain anything you like as long as it is only vegetables and they are organic. The salad dressing should be organic olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice, or organic vinegar. If you really want to speed the weight loss process use organic apple cider vinegar. Add some organic sea salt, fresh ground pepper, or some garlic for taste.

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How can i get a flat stomach in a little less then 2 months?

How can i get a flat stomach in a little less then 2 months?


cereal and banana breakfast toast

salad for lunch peanut banana bread.

protein and pasta for lunch

apple/grapes/ kiwis/strawberries, papiyas, mangos, grapefruit

veggie chips

french fries

and whatver u like take a little.

i dont care im a little plumb!

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