Better Hearing & Speech Month on May, 2024: sound error on Asus.?

May, 2024 is Better Hearing & Speech Month 2024.

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sound error on Asus...?

I have an asus laptop as well (m51 series).

I had some trouble with my sound not working at all but I fixed this by reinstalling my sound driver.

The sound on this laptop does not get very loud though and it depends on the file you are listening to. For instance, some songs or youtube videos are uploaded with very loud sound and others have a naturally weak sound. Sometimes ill have my volume turned all the way up so I can hear a low-sound video and then when I click to watch a new video where the volume is better, my speakers will relatively explode.

If this is the case, you can buy headphones or external speakers which will amp-up your audio.

If this is a driver/hardware issue then it either has to do with your sound drivers or the sound card itself.

You can also go into your control panel settings and check your sound options to see if anything is turned down.

My father-in-law hates me?

My father-in-law hates me?

This right here "most parents don't like the High School boyfriend" is a lie. He didn't like you because you were a minor doing illegal things (it's illegal for anyone under 21 to drink) and you thought SHE was ridiculous for having a problem with your illegal behavior. I wouldn't have liked you either. And if I were him, after your little speech, I would told you that you were a rude little brat with an inflated sense of self-importance. If you want to discuss something with your father-in-law, you discuss it like an adult and speak to him in a respectful manner - you do not talk to him like you're a parent chastising a 2-year-old. And based on the things you said, I imagine that's how your speak to your wife. Good luck to her - she's going to need it.

my friend made a fake facebook account for me to date. should i forgive her?

my friend made a fake facebook account for me to date. should i forgive her?

You do realize that you weren't dating either of these fake girls, right? I mean, in order to date, you have to actually SEE each other and go out. You never even saw the girls in person.

What your friend did was cruel. If she is really your friend and you want to keep her as your friend, you need to have a talk with her about how all this made you feel. She may have thought she was helping, but she made you feel worse. Tell her this, without getting all crazy about it.

Make her promise that she will never do this again, and if she has any REAL friends she would like to set you up with, you will be open to that. Next time you get a random girl sending you a friend request. Don't be such a push-over. And don't be so quick to tell people you are "dating". As I said before...unless you actually have dates, you are NOT dating. And for heaven's sake...DO NOT change your relationship status!!!

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