Photo Month on May, 2024: Photo Frame Placement, needing advice.?

May, 2024 is Photo Month 2024. Editing a Submitted Month Editing a previous month will

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Photo Month

Digital camera models, instant printing and effective software makes photography broadly available and accessible some cameras on cell phones convey more energy than commercial cameras from under about ten years ago, and also the pace of improvement continues. Photo Month encourages you to employ all this technology and energy, and to take a few incredible photographs.

Photo Frame Placement, needing advice.?

I think photo's are great but you shouldn't have it cluttered otherwise guests won't enjoy the photo for what it is worth, they will just overwhelmed trying to take all of it in. There are a few cute ways of doing simple/elegant.

First I think you should buy 4 black matching frames (in one situation they are all the same size and another 1 is slightly larger) The photo's you'll have in these 4 frames is: One of your whole family, one of you and your husband and one of each of your kids (on their own).

Option 1: You have 1 frame larger and that frame holds your family photo, that photo can go on top and then underneath you can have the 3 other frames (evenly spaced and centered on your larger frame). To keep it balanced I'd put the picture of you and your husband in the middle with one child on either side.

*Option 1 can also be done with the large on the right and then the smaller ones on the left (or Viceversa)

Option 2: All frames the same size you can have two per row and the second in the row would be just a little offset from the one beside it. For this arrangement I'd put the family photo in the highest spot, parents beside and the kids underneath.

Option 3: All same sized frames, you can take the 4 and angle them to they arch. I always thought this style looked nice.

Here are a few reasons why keeping it simple will look nicer in the long run:

~It won't look like a shrine (even without added nature pictures)

~It won't be overwhelming to your guests in your home.

~It will look sophisticated and chic

~Photo frames can actually hold more than one picture so as you take new ones of your family you just add the photo to the front and keep the old ones in the frame. If you ever feel like showing off younger photo's they are right there but not in an 'in your face' sort of way. It is the nicest way to keep an ongoing "how we changed" without actually having every picture on the walls.

I hope this helps.

Additional pictures that may be nice to add to a different area of your home is a collage of pictures from that summer or whenever of you and yours kids out and about having fun...candid's/non-professional photo's.

p.s. I love the way you kids photo's are arranged, but I would cut out the extra ones that seem unorganized on the right hand side (the other wall) that part just looks...forced and cluttered.

Is my 3 month old teething? (photos)?

Is my 3 month old teething? (photos)?

It sounds like its possible however babies can teeth for months before getting teeth. My daughter has been like this on and off since 3 months old. She is 5 months and no teeth. She is always drooling and chewing on things and gets cranky, but nothing yet. You will only really notice signs of teething in the mouth when the teeth are getting ready to pop through. You might notice redness and swelling, a little redish purple line where the tooth is cutting or something a little blister forms on the gums. Gums being hard is not a sign of teething as under the gums is bone that holds and supports the teeth and bone is hard.

Can I put photos into separate files on my computer?

Can I put photos into separate files on my computer?

Of course there's a way but, first, you have to decide how you're going to organize them. By date? By name? Do you want to rate them by quality? Tag them?

I have my photos in nested folders by date. Example: 2013 Photos, then (month's name) 13 Photos - June 13 Photos, February 13 Photos, etc., then any special groups or events that happened that month like hummingbirds, Dad's B-day, Disneyland, etc. Photo Gallery lets you tag and rate your photos. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd do this because it would be a lot easier to find them. I could tag all the Disneyland photos with "Disneyland 2013" then rate them 5 stars for the best, 4 stars, 3 stars, etc.

To create a new folder, let's say in My Photos, go to Start>Music (or Documents or Photos). On the left side is Windows Explorer. Open Photos, right click on My Photos, scroll down to New and then click on "Folder". A new folder with the typing space in blue and a flashing cursor will display. Just start typing the name of the folder and, when you're finished, click Enter.

You can make a new folder in old folders and another new folder in the new folder you just made. I've made folders for my photos that have 5 levels of folders (2013 Photos>June 13 Photos>Hummingbirds>Kitchen Babies>Email)

When you want to move the files from your iPod into your folders (be sure to make the folders first), just plug the iPod into your computer. Your computer should treat it like any other external storage device. Go to Start>Computer and you should see your iPod's icon in the window that opens. Right click on its icon and click on "Open" or "View Files" in the list that appears. Browse to your photos and display them in the window.

Now, go to the left side of the window, to Windows Explorer again. Open the Photos folder. Open My Photos. Keep opening folders until the folders you want to move the photos into are showing. Now, just click and drag the photos you want into the folder on the left side. It's very easy to do - and definitely not has hard to do as I've made it sound here:-)

If you have more than one file to put into a folder, hold down the CTRL key and click away on all of them then just click and drag one of them to the folder and they'll all go. If you want to move a series of photos (one photo after another), click on the first one, hold down the Shift key and click on the last one and everything in between will highlight, too. Click and drag one of them into the folder and they'll all go into the folder.

I don't have time tonight but tomorrow morning (before it gets hot!) I'll make a little tutorial showing how to do all this, upload it and post the YouTube link at the end of this answer. (I've got new screen capture software I haven't tried out yet so it will be fun to do.)

Here's Part 1: Creating a folder system and moving photos and videos into it. I'll have to do Part 2: Using Photo Gallery to tag and rate your photos to make them searchable and easy to find" tomorrow. Sunday has been busier than I though it was going to be.

Here's the first Photo Gallery video. It shows how to tag and then search for photos. I have a second Photo Gallery video showing how to use the options on the Create tab to make a panorama, fuse two photos, make a quick collage, make a slide show, etc.) but it took 5 hours to upload part 1 to YouTube so I'm not uploading again until tomorrow morning. I don't know what's wrong with my upload speed. Whether it's YouTube or my ISP. It's driving me crazy. It's so slow right now, I can't even watch the video I just uploaded:-( I hope you can watch it OK.

Here's Photo Gallery, Part 2: Using the Create tab.

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