Gifts From The Garden Month on May, 2025: mothers day gift ideas?

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mothers day gift ideas?

Sweetie, first of all, I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. Yes, Mother's Day will be sad for your Mom and you as well. It's only been 2 months. It's ok to be sad. That's a normal part of the grieving process that you need to go through. I don't believe you should try and "forget" and pretend you aren't sad. And it's also healthy for you and your Mom and family to go through this process together. I have an idea that I think will not only honor your grandmother but bring your family together, not only for this Mother's Day, but for years to come. Since your mom enjoys gardening, you could get a small tree (ask an adult to help you find one at a local garden center) and plant it in memory of your grandmother. Maybe there is a special tree (or flower or plant) that your grandmother particularly liked...or your mom's favorite would also be a great idea....Plant it on Mother's Day in a special place. Present it to your mom first with a card telling her how much you love her. Then all of you plant the tree together and tell funny stories about memories with your grandmother. Everyone will be laughing and enjoying the day before you know it. It always helps to laugh and talk....not act as though you "forgot".

I hope y'all have a wonderful Mother's Day and good luck!

Christmas Gift Help? Please?

Christmas Gift Help? Please?

Why don't you get your boyfriend a gift card/ voucher for a game store then he can choose his own game or accessories for console.

You could ask the five year old what he likes and get him something to do with that, or maybe lego or a jigsaw,

For your grandad maybe a nice plant, or some seeds that he could plant that would grow in the spring that he could then plant into his garden when it becomes a bit warmer

Question about Wedding Gift?

Question about Wedding Gift?

I'd send it before--they won't feel like doing cooking and housework the week before the wedding!

P.S. I already don't feel like it and my day is 9 months from now.... :)

Also on this date Thursday, May 1, 2025...