Older Americans Month on May, 2023: 19 Month Old American Bulldog Aggression?

May, 2023 is Older Americans Month 2023.

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19 Month Old American Bulldog Aggression?

Ditto what Love is an American Bulldog said. :) She knows this breed very well!!!

I also have an Ambull, and she doesn't have a high prey drive, but she's probably not in the norm. American Bulldogs are an extremely hard headed willful breed. They require a FIRM & FAIR owner. Someone who is going to be in charge...if they don't have a strong leader, then they will take over and take advantage. I highly recommend looking into some top quality training classes...starting with obedience...this should help with some of the issues, plus it will help you gain control over your dog. You might also look into finding a good behaviorist to help you out with some of these issues, such as the not likeing people in hats thing. It's going to take some work, time, and effort, but I think you can get a handle on this. Also might want to do some reading on dog behaviors and needs, so you know what you need to do to be the "top dog" in your house. Good Luck!

Edit: Also a trip to the vet to make sure his health is in order and not making him act out is a good idea!

Edit2: Thanks for starring Love!

How heavy should my 5 month old american bulldog be?

How heavy should my 5 month old american bulldog be?

Are American Bulldogs considered a large breed or medium? Large breeds go off puppy food when they are 2 years old. Medium at about 18 months. And the weight can vary so much at 5 months. It varies between males and females so much sometimes, too.

feeding a 4.5 month old american bulldog?

feeding a 4.5 month old american bulldog?

Defintely 2 times a day. I'm surprised that he's only been eating once a day. Our vet had us feed our pup 3 times a day in the beginning. He's now just 4 months old and we've finally moved to only 2 times a day. How's his house training going? It's better for a puppy to have meals split up...usually makes it easier for house training too.

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